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subaru outback: a quick technical overview

Subaru announces the introduction of the new Outback, which will be in showrooms from 27th May this year. The vehicle has not only retained its popularity since its initial release back in 1995, but also has multiplied its fanbase throughout the years. The vehicle offers safety, comfort, practicality, and tons of on- and off-road capabilities. So, let’s see what makes the new Outback even more special. Enhanced safety features The vehicle comes with optimal driving position, window heights, and carefully

hyundai announces details for the new ioniq 5 lineup

Hyundai Motor announces specifications and details for the new IONIQ 5, the first car in the lineup based on the new Electric-Global Modular Platform. The vehicle’s design showcases a new approach and incorporates tons of new details, first shown at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, when the concept vehicle was first

5 ways to help keep your truck drivers safe

Your truck drivers are the backbone of your transport operation and everything would fall apart without them. The current global pandemic has brought on new safety requirements across most industries and keeping your truck drivers safe needs to be a top priority. Keeping your drivers safe doesn’t just affect them and your business, their safety direct impacts all road users. Here are 5 ways to help keep your truck drivers as safe as possible: Driver Fatigue Studies show that truck driver fatigue is respons

new cupra leon adds a 245hp version in the lineup

CUPRA introduces new engines to the Leon range, with orders already available. Brand’s iconic hatch can now be specified with a new 245hp version of the 2.0-TSI DSG-auto engine. This engine is exclusively available for the DSG-auto gearbox and delivers more efficiency and more torque power – a total of 370Nm and can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 6.4 seconds. The range includes VZ1 trim level, which includes 18-inch machined black and silver alloys, sporty bumper, black brake calipers, CUPRA’s unique chrome a

citroen c3 celebrates one millionth vehicle. here's what makes the model special

The third-generation Citroen C3 has reached the landmark “one-millionth vehicle”. Launched in 2016, the third generation C3 presented a new styling concept and new tech features. Also, the vehicle ranks in the top seven best-selling vehicles in Europe in 2020 and remains popular in many European countries like France, Spain, Belgium, and Portugal. New C3 comes with numerous customization options, and technologies like Cruise Control with S

how to cope with psychological trauma following a car accident?

Car accidents leave more than just physical injuries, financial burdens, and property damage. To some people, car accidents may leave psychological and emotional scars, which are much more difficult to recover from. Most online resources are replete with the ways that victims can recover from their physical injuries following a car accident, while there are far too few articles on coping with the psychological trauma. Psychological and emotion

best cars from nba stars

Athletes from the National Basketball Association are known for their flamboyant behavior and luxurious lifestyle. Some of the successful players have multi-million dollar contracts which enable them to spend a lot of money on their driving park. Buying an expensive car is not the best financial advice that you’d ever get, since they depreciate a lot, but it is a dream come true for true petrol heads. In today’s article, we will highlight some of the best cars that are owned by NBA sta

vauxhall corsa-e remains one of the best-selling vehicles in the uk

The new Vauxhall Corsa is the best-selling vehicle in UK so far this year, according to the latest new car sales and registration details revealed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In fact, Corsa remains the best-selling vehicle for the past 8 months, including June, July, September, and November last year. However, the highest number of sales is recorded in 2021, as Vauxhall announced 16,381 registrations, while Corsa-

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