2019-Fleet-Management-App-910These days, mobile apps can do just about anything. From catching Pokémon in an augmented reality to helping your unlucky-in-love kid brother get a date for the evening, technology is opening up an increasing number of exciting opportunities.

And, thankfully, the automotive industry has been quick to capitalize on the cost-cutting, time-saving, and safety-enhancing benefits that mobile apps present.

How? In the form of fleet management apps, or telematics.

Droves of the world's business owners are turning to fleet management software to help reduce fuel costs, optimize route planning, and mitigate the effects of poor driver behavior (such as idling, or sudden braking) on their profits and reputation.

86% of fleet managers now use telematics - up from 82% last year, and more than double that of the meagre 42% of 2017. And it's not hard to see why - fleet management software provides real time updates and insights about the movements of every vehicle you have out on the streets - all from the palm of your hand.

But which fleet management software is doing it best? Let's take a look at 10 of the world's most successful vehicle tracking apps for your smartphone or tablet.

1.     Director by Teletrac Navman

First up on our list is California-based company Teletrac Navman's flagship solution, ‘Director'. With an interface that's both intelligent and intuitive, the app is a breeze to use.

‘Director' merges compliance, safety, and maintenance into a single, accessible display. You'll benefit not only from universal fleet visibility, but also a transparent audit trail to help tick the right boxes, and cut out long hours of tedious paperwork.

2.     US Fleet Tracking

With clear, affordable pricing and strong customer support, it's no surprise that US Fleet Tracking's mobile app has already won over the hearts, minds, and custom of thousands of fleet managers.

The company's fuel card and telematics services have also seen it win numerous accolades, and some high-profile deals, too - it's provided tracking for the Winter Olympics, and for every Super Bowl since 2007.

The secret behind its success? Tailored solutions for a range of industries and fleet sizes. Whether it's cars, vans, police vehicles, trucks, or diggers, US Fleet Tracking offers a bespoke solution that's handcrafted to the niche demands of the job.

3.     Fleetio

A business' success is strongly tied to how much (and how quickly) it can grow and adapt. It makes sense, then, that Fleetio's success comes from its high level of scalability. Whether you're tracking five cars or an arsenal of hundreds of trucks, Fleetio's solution is designed to grow with your business.

Fleetio's solution allows you to understand the true costs of maintaining your fleet, with colorful, instructive graphs, and actionable data visualizations. It'll also automatically track your fuel spending, to make sure you're staying on top of your finances.

Plus, it must be doing something right - with a 93% customer satisfaction rating and a litany of five-star reviews online, Fleetio is a clear favorite of the people.

4.     Onfleet

Having powered over 40 million deliveries - and tracked in excess of 100 million miles, in more than 90 countries - the success of the Onfleet mobile app speaks for itself.

With a host of big clients and a range of clever features to help streamline your workload, Onfleet has helped companies increase their delivery capacity by up to 50%.

Better still, the app can also help make your drivers… well, better drivers. Coax them into better habits with low-distraction training aids when they're out on the asphalt, and use driver scorecards to incentivize safer turns at the wheel.

5.     Verizon Connect

When it comes to Verizon's industry-leading fleet management software, the key really is in the name. It connects you to all your drivers and vehicles out in the field, offering a 360 degree view of your business' operations.

Via a series of customizable dashboards that are as easy to use as they are to look at, you'll be able to view your team's progress against KPIs, and make sure you're staying under budget.

It also means you'll always have a finger on the trigger when it comes to actioning insights, and leveraging your key business data to drive sustainable, long-term growth.

6.     GPS Insight

GPS Insight is another fleet management tool that's as simple to use as its name suggests. It's highly-regarded, too, coming with a stuffed trophy cabinet, and more than 14 years of experience under its belt.

As well as all that, GPS Insight brings a wealth of hardware and software fleet management solutions to the table. Its 360-degree AI camera leaves no stone unturned, while its impressive app strips away the hassle and red tape of ELD compliance.

7.     Avrios

Avrios bills itself as "the future of fleet management software" - and it isn't even that much of an overstatement. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence) technology, Avrios pulls data from fuel card providers, leasing companies, and vehicle manufacturers, to put all the info you need about your fleet at your fingertips.

The only drawback? There's no vehicle tracking feature. But for robust features, workflow management, and more effective, streamlined communications, Avrios still holds its own amongst the best fleet management apps out there.

8.     Rhino Fleet Tracking

Offering month-to-month, contract-free arrangements, Rhino's approach is much like the African animal it's named after - strong, direct, and capable of helping your business charge onto bigger, better things.

Its app integrates with Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa (meaning you can track your vehicles with your voice) while its configurable reporting plans are among the best there is. Oh, and the customer care is excellent- 24/7 phone support, with a real human being available on the horn whenever you need them.

9.     Samsara

Billed as an ‘all in one' platform, Samsara's fleet management software doesn't disappoint - doing all you need it to, from just one smartphone. Monitor your vehicles in ‘helicopter' mode, and get a birds-eye view of your drivers coasting down the highways of your city, all in real time.

Samsara also gets our acclaim for its intuitive apps for drivers. No matter how many truckers or couriers you employ, they'll all be able to tap into Samsara's smooth, savvy app on their own phones. From there, they can view driver safety leaderboards, message each other, and access dispatching and routing features, too. Slick!

10. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Rounding out our list is Innovative Management Systems' ‘Fleet Maintenance Pro' - a dynamic mobile app for fast-paced fleet managers. Offering flexible reporting, preventative maintenance, and comprehensive fuel tracking for all your vehicles, the app is sure to help you maximize your fleet's value and efficiency.

On top of this, it's pricing structure is easy to understand, and about as transparent as a clean windscreen. You'll pay only a one-time fee, and there's a 30-day money back guarantee if the app doesn't meet your standards. What's not to like?

So, there you have it - 10 of the most successful fleet management apps on earth. These are the apps leading the way towards a brighter future; not only for your business, but for the planet, too - driving safer, more sustainable fuel usage, while optimizing routes to cut down emissions.

And they're not just a fleet-ing trend, either - the percentage of businesses that don't use vehicle tracking apps is shrinking every year.

Can your fleet afford to ignore the benefits?

More pressingly, will you act now to keep up with the pace of the increasingly innovative software driving more cost-effective fleets? Or will your business, like the slowest vehicles and the oldest technology, get left behind? You decide!


Rob Binns writes for Expert Market, a leading B2B comparison site empowering businesses across the UK and beyond. He specialises in analysis of merchant accounts and the payments industry.

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