1974 Volkswagen Beetle A 42-year old Volkswagen Beetle that covered just 90 kilometers has been discovered in time warp condition and will be sold at Silverstone Auction's Classic Race Aarhus Auction in Denmark on 28th and 29th of May.

The special vehicle was supplied new by G. Terragni Volkswagen, Genoa Italy, on the 23rrd January 1974 and its first and only owners was an elderly man, named Armando Sgori. This was his first motorcar ever and did not this particular one. However, being deeply religious, he used the vehicle to go to his local church every weekend, which was indeed the only road that the Beetle has ever known.

1974 Volkswagen Beetle

Beetle's last outing was back in 1978, when it retired to a barn, where it remained untouched for almost forty years. And recently discovered, the little and sweet Beetle has been lightly recommissioned and will be offered at auction.

With a blue exterior finish and black leather interior, the vehicle also offers its original features, even the original oil and original set of tires. Also remaining are the original books and invoice, along with unwrapped tool kit. How cool is that?

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Finished in blue with a black leather interior and all its original features, this left-hand drive, manual example still holds the original oil in the engine and is shod with its first set of tyres. The original books and invoice, along with its unwrapped tool kit, are also supplied with the car.

1974 Volkswagen Beetle

The 1974 Volkswagen Beetle is part of the Classic Race Aarhus Auction, hosted by Silverstone Auctions and Lauritz.com at the prestigious motorsport festival in Denmark.

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Source: Silverstone Auctions