We have seen this year some incredible tunings which have left a big impression in our mind. However, some of the greatest tunings were made on … the tiniest car segment. In this top 5 are presented some of the most remarkable tunings made on small cars such as Smart for two and Volkswagen Beetle. The selection is based on the overall outlook of the car, i.e. the tuned exterior, the improvements made to enhance its performance, and of course - on the interior.


Number five in our chart is for this incredible tuning of the Smart ForTwo electric vehicle. The car was transformed into a disco ball and it draws the immediate attention and admiration of the viewer. The show car is completely covered in reflective glass tiles from the roof to the tires. Of course the tuning wasn't made purposeless, but the Smart was used in the art film Pixel City. The whole idea came from the experimental band Apparatjik. We should admit that it sounds and looks more than interesting. However, there was no tuning concerning the interior or the power of the car. For this reason we award this cute little fellow with the last place.

Smart ForTwo Disco Ball

Smart ForTwo Disco Ball, 1 of 3
Smart ForTwo Disco Ball, 2 of 3
Smart ForTwo Disco Ball, 3 of 3

Exterior: [rating:6/6]
Interior: [rating:1/6]
Performance: [rating:1/6]


This place goes for ABT's Beetle. The power of this car is boosted up to 240PS (176 kW). And the styling package consists of a new front bumper, a rear diffuser with oval exhaust pipes and a pair of side skirts. In addition there are also headlight brows and some nice graphics.

There's nothing done in the interior and for this reason the tuning gets the number 4 in the chart.

ABT Volkswagen Beetle

ABT 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, 1 of 5
ABT 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, 2 of 5
ABT 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, 3 of 5
ABT 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, 4 of 5
ABT 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, 5 of 5

Exterior: [rating:4/6]
Interior: [rating:2/6]
Performance: [rating:4/6]



Here we have another Smart ForTwo. However this version of the car was completely transformed both inside and outside by the Vilner Tuning Company. Vilner used orange foil with patterns of stitching for the exterior with full chrome panles and orange soft for the alloy wheels, mirrors and other details. The interior boasts new two-tone leather upholstery, new trim for the dashboard, roof and door panels. In addition ForTwo also received special floor mats. Having all this in mind, undeniably the Vilner Smart ForTwo is a real eye-catcher!

Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style

Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 1 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 2 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 3 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 4 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 5 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 6 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 7 of 10
Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style, 8 of 10

Exterior: [rating:5/6]
Interior: [rating:6/6]
Performance: [rating:1/6]



The second place goes to the version of Romeo Ferraris Abarth 500 Cinquone Stradale race car.  The small vehicle has the same exterior as the race car, which includes an aerodynamics package consisting of new bonnet with two air scoops for engine cooling, new front bumper with a big central air intake, integrated wide body fenders and skirts and finally a new rear bumper with central exhaust tips. The power is enhanced up to 300PS (220 kW), which is just 60PS (44 kW) less than the race car. The interior boosts are a complete roll bar, and a lot of carbon fiber as well as carbon race seats with OMP 4-point seatbelts.

Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale

Exterior: [rating:3/6]
Interior: [rating:4/6]
Performance: [rating:6/6]



This astonishing and at the same time extremely different conversion of Mini Cooper Works was made by CoverEFX, the well known Germany-based tuner.  The upgrades here are in both performance and styling. At first sight this adorable Mini Cooper Works immediately draws the attention. The exterior here consists of fully foil-finished body in black leather style. Moreover, as you can see, there are added thousands of hand glued small gold elements. The "Mini" is backed by sleek 17-inch OZ LM Wave lightweight alloys in the same black/gold style fitted with Toyo R888 84W tires in the dimensions 205/40 R17. The tuners have also modified the performance of the car which boosts the power to to 252 horsepower and 382 Nm

In the terms of power, CoverEFX is offering two stages of performance boosting for the MINI Cooper Works: Stage 1 features an ECU remap to 252 horsepower (185 kW) and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft.). In addition there is mounted a 2.5-inch exhaust unit with Milltek downpipe, sports catalyst and extra large sports air filter.

Unfortunately there is nothing done to improve the interior. Nonetheless the CoverEFX MINI stands out as a true masterpiece, with own individuality and impact, and this is the reason it wins the first place in our chart.

Stay tuned for next weeks 2011 TOP 10 Tunings!

CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works

CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 1 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 2 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 3 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 4 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 5 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 6 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 7 of 18
CoverEFX MINI Cooper Works, 8 of 18

Exterior: [rating:6/6]
Interior: [rating:3/6]
Performance: [rating:5/6]