Five teasers for the five timer. Here's the final pre-New York video of the Nissan Altima and the first impression is: "Oh dear, it's more than 8 seconds long!!" A lot longer in fact... 20 seconds. This time we get to see a full view of the Altima and the gauges and everything. We even have some genuine information about it.

The Advanced Drive-AssistTM Display (that thing between the dials) is there to help you stay focused on the road. Not sure how it does that exactly but presumably staring at the dashboard is better than shuffling trough all the knobs and buttons on the center console. You get your sat nav streamed on it, it's a phone display as well and a trip computer and who knows what more.

Something more useful might be the sole camera mounted somewhere at the back. It will monitor the road for lane changes, objects at the back and objects within the blind spots.

It's been a long journey...of short videos and, although you might not want to, you can retrace it with this, this and this and why not this.

The reveal is coming next week as we dive into another motoring event – the New York International Auto Show. Coming soon.

Nissan Altima (2013) Nissan Altima (2013)

Source: Nissan