The 2015 Infinity Q50 sport sedan was awarded with the special Ritvo Design & Elegance Award by the New Engladn Motor Press Association (NEMPA). Named after Gene Ritvo, a veteran photographer and NEMPA member, the award is given for the best automobile design.  Held every year, the NEMPA awards recognize only a few manufacturers and personalities, that deserve the prize.

Since its introduction back in 2013, the premium sedan has been one of the best cars, when it comes to styling, performance and technology. When it was first launched, the Q50 demonstrated a different design concept: aggression, athletics and confidence are the main characters, that describe the Q50.

Coming with the Infiniti's signature "double arch" grille, the character line flows over the front fenders through the side of the vehicle and goes to the rear deck lid, which gives the vehicle both elegant and confident look. Other character design signature lines include the cut-c pillar and the distinctive LED headlights and taillights.

With its debut, the Q50 introduced and number of technologies, never seen before in a vehicle: Direct Adaptive Steering system, which allows drivers to customize the steering sensitivity and feel and the lane keeping technology , that brings better performance and higher safety features.

The Q50 is really a wonderful car, that deserved its prize.

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Source: Infiniti