2018 Volkswagen TouaregVolkswagen team is one of the few others that mark a confident start of 2018. Already showcasing some neat projects, the brand also released authentic and official information about the newest Touareg machine. As you already know, this is the model that tries to become an emblem of the whole brand. It has stood its ground in every aspect: visuals, comfort, safety, drivetrain system and affordability.

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And this new model clearly showcases Volkswagen's standards and determination for delivering high-quality machines. As always, the vehicle looks expressive, contemporary and strong in presence. At least this is what we conclude after seeing the only official sketch. What else is promised by Volkswagen team is new assistance system, revised safety and comfort features.

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What else VW Group promises is that this third-generation of Touareg would continue to maintain high standards as it comes to drivetrain capabilities and road performance. And frankly said, we tend to believe the engineers. After all, the C-segment becomes more and more popular and at the same time Volkswagen has managed to deliver better and better machines through time. And also given that Touareg is the main weapon in the SUV fight, it is of high probability that the 2018 family member would bring on some tasty features and high-quality tweaks.

Source: Volkswagen Group