Audi is a German automotive manufacturer of luxury vehicles worldwide. The brand continues to increase in popularity each year with its innovative technology, stylish designs and reliable vehicles in the industry - suitable for all types of drivers and budgets. Competing with the likes of other big named German brands like BMW and Mercedes, Audi boasts an exceptional range of features for a fantastic driving experience when on the road.

From sporty, luxurious and compact models available - Audi is synonymous with a superior presence and beautiful, eye-catching designs. If you're looking at options for your next car and unsure of what manufacturer to choose, here are five reasons why you should choose Audi!

  1. Performance.

Audi has some of the best models on the market when it comes to performance. Many models boast high specifications and features, making them the most sought-after in the Audi range. Take the Audi RS4, for example, a model first launched in 1999 and debuted as the RS4 Avant in 2012. The Avant boasts a V6 twin-turbo engine and can reach a top speed of 155mph. In addition, it also features an 8-speed transmission system.

With engineering perfection and some of the best vehicles money can buy today, here are the best Audi models for all types of drivers and car enthusiasts.

  • Audi A3

The A3 Sportback is Audi's most compact design, boasting a sporty exterior, and a premium driver-oriented interior. This model is great for first-time Audi owners or for those looking for a high-performing, reliable car that will last for years to come.

  • Audi A4

The A4 range is a selection of compact executive cars originally produced in 1994. Engineered to high quality and makes a perfect stylish family car!

  • Audi A5.

The A5 boasts effortless performance and features a four-wheel drive system with precision steering. It's a sportier version of the A4 as it's a coupe and has become incredibly popular over recent years.

  • Audi RS6.

The RS6 Avant is available in various versions, and it's a high-performance variant of the A6 range. The quality of the interior is superb, roomy and comfy, which is what sets it apart from other manufacturers like BMW. Furthermore, you'll find some additional, tasty extras, so you know it's a sporty model - with sports seats, RS6 badges, and a sports steering wheel.

  • Audi Q5.

The Q5 combines performance, functionality and size. It's a prestige SUV for everyday life, making it the ideal option for families with space for five people. With a powerful yet efficient engine, it'll eat up miles quite comfortably and quietly.

  1. Innovative Technology.

Undoubtedly, you get technology in abundance with any Audi model. With daily commutes and long car journeys in and around the UK, the German manufacturer is constantly mindful of the time we spend in our cars which is why they've made the experience more comfortable and exciting. You'll find the standard USB ports to charge phones, iPads, portable power banks and so on, and you'll also be able to directly connect your phone to the car. Latest Audi models feature the Multi Media Interface (MMI) navigation system, a WiFi hotspot and Audi's virtual cockpit. This is a digital dashboard using a TFT screen that sits behind the steering wheel, usually where the speedometer and rev counter would be found.

Audi's first electric car, called the e-tron, is its first all-electric production model. The electric vehicle is an almost silent drive where you don't need to worry about CO2 emissions. It's safe to say that Audi is one step ahead when it comes to innovative technology for almost limitless freedom.

  1. Driver Assistance.

While some vehicle manufacturers still try to catch up with the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, Audi has introduced a driver assistance package. These are available in higher specification models, but they can be added to your model if you choose it. Driver safety is paramount, and although some collisions and accidents can't be avoided, you still need a helping hand on the road to ensure you're safe.

The driver assistance package is called Audi pre-sense systems. This system provides a heightened sense of awareness, with sensors and cameras working in tandem. Forward-facing cameras and radar systems can help detect potential threats and therefore put preventable measures in place. Furthermore, the radar sensors located in the rear bumper can help detect potential collisions. Other innovative driver assistance features include:

  • Active lane assist.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Night vision assist.
  • Parking system plus.
  • Audi side assist.
  1. Driving Comfort.

Audi is a manufacturer that takes great pride in the under-the-hood design of its models and ranges, but the interiors are second to none. Of course, it's important to have a comfortable driving experience all around; and Audi has exceeded expectations. The majority of models are ideal for long commutes and journeys and therefore have features such as ergonomic controls, heated seats, cup holders and more. You can drive with ease and comfort when you're in an Audi, there's no doubt about it.

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