Online marketplaces and product feed grow in popularity with each passing day. It's easy to see why — they make it easy for dealerships to market their business online and sell cars efficiently, thus increasing their bottom line. However, if your dealership isn't leveraging these tools already, you're likely losing out on a massive opportunity.

Here are eight critical ways you should be utilizing dealer online marketplaces and product feeds in your dealership this year:

1. Automate Your Processes

Systems that automate processes can take a lot of work out of selling cars. For example, synchronization with an online marketing platform means you don't have to upload every listing manually; it will be automatically finished by the system, which speeds up marketing time and helps avoid human error.

The more efficient your marketing (and other) procedures are, the faster you'll get customers through your door — and hopefully into their new ride.

2. Save Time By Using Product Information

Product information feeds can save you time by putting descriptions directly into search engines — nobody likes having to retype all that info. Some look-up tools even offer warranty data and vehicle recall information right there on Google, increasing transparency for the buyer and likely leading to more sales.

3. Use Shopping Bots

Shopping bots are another great way to increase dealership efficiency when selling cars online. Bots scan a variety of marketplaces and automatically upload new inventory as it becomes available, so you can focus on crucial aspects (like making sure those cars look great in the lot).

4. Don't forget about social media

Online marketplaces are perfect for promoting your dealership on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms; in fact, some marketplaces have built-in social media tools that make it easy to share info about your dealership with just a few clicks.

5. Utilize Marketplace As A Research Tool

Use marketplaces as a research tool to find new leads and customers. By looking at what other dealerships are selling and how they're pricing their inventory, you can get a good idea of what's hot in the market and adjust your own sales strategy accordingly.

6. Make Your Marketplace a Resource

Online marketplaces are great for buyers, but they're also excellent resources for a dealer online. By subscribing to receive alerts from marketplaces when certain types of cars are listed (or when prices drop on a car you're interested in), you can stay ahead of the competition and snap up some great deals.

7. Enhancing Your Website With Vehicle Builder Software

Value the trade in real-time with vehicle builder software. Such software lets dealers configure and price vehicles precisely the way they want. This software can capture trade-in values from various sources in real-time, which is great for dealers because it speeds up the process and results in a better bottom line.

8. Creating and Configuring Your Vehicles

Such applications let you create and configure vehicles, with everything from options to colors, in a straightforward workflow. It is great for dealerships because it saves time and money by reducing the number of physical car models they need to keep in stock.

These are just eight ways online marketplaces and product feeds can help boost your dealership.

Why Choose A Dealership Sales & Customer Experience Platform

With the above reasons in mind, there's a lot to love about being an auto dealer online:

  • Easier and faster selling of cars,
  • Quicker and more accurate reporting
  • You can engage your customer better
  • Better service after the sale.

Each dealership is unique, so it stands to reason that you should be able to configure each aspect of your dealership as well. Don't choose one platform over another because it has every bell and whistle under the sun; instead, choose something simple for your first pass and expand later as necessary.

And suppose you're wondering what makes this software different from other marketplaces and tools on the market today. In that case, you must know that you get end-to-end software solutions that let you control everything from inventory management to sales, all in one user-friendly dashboard.

Automate your website product feeds to increase sales conversions on dealer websites through digital marketing channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook ads, etc. With the help of this, you are not just making your dealership reach more potential customers but also giving them different showrooms to choose from and purchase their desired cars online with ease.

This system is straightforward, so it works for every type of target audience, whether they are brand new or experienced buyers looking for used or new car dealerships near me. You can connect to anyone with an internet connection with the help of this platform.

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