The well-known German tuner 9ff has released an extremely powerful refinement program, which fits perfectly the Porsche 997 GT and the 997 GT3. With the new program, the specialists at 9ff are demonstrating a true example of supersports-car birth.

Thanks to a Bi-Turbo power unit conversion, the experienced German-based 9ff has managed to reach a maximum power from up to 1000 horsepower. Using only high-end materials, the renowned tuner is offering the following conversions:

9ff GTurbo750:   750HP / 850 NM torque 9ff GTurbo850:   850HP / 910 NM torque 9ff GTurbo1000:   1000HP / 940 NM torque

Charged with these remarkable performance values, the super sports cars are capable to reach:

9ff GTurbo850:   0-100km/h - 3,0 seconds; 0-200km/h - 8,9 seconds; 0-300km/h - 18,7 seconds

9ff GTurbo1000:   0-100km/h - 2,9 seconds; 0-200km/h - 8,2 seconds; 0-300km/h - 16,5 seconds

In addition, the retrofitted ride boosts V-max of up to 392 km/h, which turns him into a real super race machine. To present the increased power output more natural, 9ff has mounted the Porsche with a specially developed aerodynamic package, which is consist of: a front apron with LED indicators, side skirts and a rear apron. The rear apron is offered with a choice of two variations. The first one boasts centered exhaust unit and it fits only the GT3, GT3RS and 9ff Speed9. In the second variation the exhaust systems are placed on left / right and it fits all other 997 models. The 9ff Gturbo also houses the brand's latest wheel design, which is available in the dimension 8,5x19-inch / 11x19-inch and fits with the regular tires. Optional, the 9ff GTurbo design rims are also available with a central lock system.

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9ff Gturbo Price list:

  • 9ff GTurbo aerodynamic kit - 8.900,00 Euro (tax, mounting and painting excluded)
  • 9ff GTurbo design rims - 4.980,00 Euro (tax, painting excluded)
  • 9ff GTurbo design rims with central lock system - 5.950,00 Euro (tax, painting excluded)