A new model, new engines and new engine technologies are the key additions to the Volvo range for the 2010 model year, all of which offer enhanced drivability, lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption.

Volvo C30, S40 and V50 The Volvo C30 SportsCoupe, S40 saloon and V50 Sportswagon DRIVe models now all feature the intelligent new Start/Stop function which brings CO2 emissions down to 104 g/km and improves fuel consumption up to 72.4 mpg. The sports-inspired R-DESIGN specification and body styling has also been introduced to the DRIVe range offering CO2 emissions of up to 119 g/km and 62.8 mpg in all three models1.

Prices for the C30 range start at £14,995 OTR for the entry level 1.6 S. The 1.6D DRIVe with Start/Stop variants start at £15,745. The S40 and V50 ranges start at £14,745 and £16,495 OTR for the 1.6 S models with the DRIVe with Start/Stop range commencing at £17,495 for the S40 and £18,845 for the V50.

2010 Volvo C30, 1 of 242010 Volvo C30, 2 of 242010 Volvo C30, 3 of 242010 Volvo C30, 4 of 242010 Volvo C30, 5 of 242010 Volvo C30, 6 of 242010 Volvo C30, 7 of 242010 Volvo C30, 8 of 24

2010 Volvo S40, 1 of 182010 Volvo S40, 2 of 182010 Volvo S40, 3 of 182010 Volvo S40, 4 of 182010 Volvo S40, 5 of 182010 Volvo S40, 6 of 182010 Volvo S40, 7 of 182010 Volvo S40, 8 of 18

2010 Volvo V50, 1 of 152010 Volvo V50, 2 of 152010 Volvo V50, 3 of 152010 Volvo V50, 4 of 152010 Volvo V50, 5 of 152010 Volvo V50, 6 of 152010 Volvo V50, 7 of 152010 Volvo V50, 8 of 15

Volvo XC60 A new front-wheel-drive variant of the Volvo XC60 is now available with the upgraded 2.4D 175 PS engine. This combination with a manual transmission reduces CO2 emissions to 159 g/km and is badged DRIVe. In addition to the lower CO2 emissions, fuel economy is also dramatically improved; from 37.7 mpg (combined) to 47.1 mpg, a 25% improvement. The new D5 engine is also now available in the XC60 offering up to an 11% increase in performance and an 8% reduction in CO2 emissions to 183 g/km.

Prices for the XC60 range start at £24,995 for the 2.4D DRIVe S model, with the new D5 engine joining the range at £26,745.

Volvo XC60, 1 of 29Volvo XC60, 2 of 29Volvo XC60, 3 of 29Volvo XC60, 4 of 29Volvo XC60, 5 of 29Volvo XC60, 6 of 29Volvo XC60, 7 of 29Volvo XC60, 8 of 29
Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 benefits from the two new diesel engines - 2.4D and D5 - which join the range in SE specification and cost £27,995 and £31,495 OTR respectively. The 2.4D engine will only be available with front-wheel-drive and models with manual transmission feature CO2 emissions of just 159 g/km and will be badged DRIVe. It will also benefit from improved fuel consumption of up to 47.1 mpg.

Other changes to the XC70 range include a new front grille displaying the large iron mark and new steering wheel chrome highlights and chrome trim around the ignition area. Cars with the D5 and T6 AWD engines will also have visible twin rear exhaust pipes as standard.

2010 Volvo XC70, 1 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 2 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 3 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 4 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 5 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 6 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 7 of 242010 Volvo XC70, 8 of 24
The new Volvo S80

As announced on 26 February 2009, the Volvo S80 has benefitted from a full re-fresh this model year, both externally and internally.2

The driving dynamics and ride of the new Volvo S80 have also been updated and improved by the introduction of two new chassis - the Lowered Dynamic Chassis and the Comfort Chassis. The Lowered Dynamic Chassis has been developed to offer drivers enhanced sporting driving characteristics and more responsive handling, while the Comfort Chassis offers a compliant and un-interrupted smooth ride. The introduction of these new chassis' gives customers the opportunity to tailor their S80 to suit their driving style - for inspired, enthusiastic driving or relaxed comfort.

The Lowered Dynamic Chassis will be offered as standard on the SE and SE Lux models. The Comfort Chassis will be the only chassis available on the Executive trim level.

2010 Volvo S80, 1 of 82010 Volvo S80, 2 of 82010 Volvo S80, 3 of 82010 Volvo S80, 4 of 82010 Volvo S80, 5 of 82010 Volvo S80, 6 of 82010 Volvo S80, 7 of 82010 Volvo S80, 8 of 8
The new Volvo S80 will also feature three new diesel engines, the 2.4D, D5 and the low CO2-emitting DRIVe. As well as providing the Volvo S80 with a different driving experience, the car will also benefit from lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions. An upgraded 2.5T is available, offering a 31 PS performance boost to provide 231 PS and 340 Nm of torque. Despite this 13% increase in power, CO2 emissions have been reduced to 206 g/km and fuel consumption improved to 32.8 mpg with the manual transmission.

A new R-DESIGN Interior Pack has been introduced which includes Dynamic Sports leather faced front seats, R-DESIGN leather sports steering wheel and gearknob, instrument dials, aluminium pedals and sports floor mats. The pack is available on SE Premium and SE Lux premium models and is priced at £500.

Prices for the new Volvo S80 range start at £21,745 for the new low-CO2 emitting DRIVe SE model. The new 2.4D starts at £25,845 in SE specification, while the D5 joins the range at £27,745.

Volvo V70 The Volvo V70 gains the two new diesel engines with prices for the 2.4D starting at £26,845 OTR and £28,745 for the D5 both in SE trim. Changes to the V70 range also include a new front grille displaying the large iron mark and new steering wheel chrome highlights in SE and SE Lux and chrome trim around the ignition area. Cars with the D5 and T6 AWD engines now have visible twin rear exhaust pipes as standard.

The 2.5T engine has been updated to offer a performance boost to 231 PS and 340 Nm of torque. Despite this 13% increase in power the CO2 emissions have been reduced to 209 g/km and fuel consumption improved to 32.1 mpg with the manual transmission.

Prices for the Volvo V70 range start at £22,745 for the new low-CO2 emitting DRIVe model.

2010 Volvo V70, 1 of 272010 Volvo V70, 2 of 272010 Volvo V70, 3 of 272010 Volvo V70, 4 of 272010 Volvo V70, 5 of 272010 Volvo V70, 6 of 272010 Volvo V70, 7 of 272010 Volvo V70, 8 of 27
Volvo C70

The 2.0D engine in the C70 has been updated to offer CO2 emissions of 158 g/km to enable the car to fall below the 160 g/km threshold for the Capital Write Down Allowance. The Volvo C70 range starts at £24,995 OTR for the 2.0D S model.

2009 Volvo C70, 1 of 232009 Volvo C70, 2 of 232009 Volvo C70, 3 of 232009 Volvo C70, 4 of 232009 Volvo C70, 5 of 232009 Volvo C70, 6 of 232009 Volvo C70, 7 of 232009 Volvo C70, 8 of 23
Volvo XC90

Volvo's seven-seat XC90 receives a new, lighter chassis and new dampers designed to improve drivability. In spite of this new chassis there are no price rises for the XC90. The range starting price remains static at £29,995 OTR for the D5 Active model, while prices for the flagship Executive variant have been reduced for the 2010 Model Year. The Executive now starts at £42,985 OTR for the 3.2-litre petrol model, a decrease of over £4,000 with minimal specification changes.

2009 Volvo XC90, 1 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 2 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 3 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 4 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 5 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 6 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 7 of 262009 Volvo XC90, 8 of 26
New D5 and 2.4D engines

The Volvo S80, V70, XC70 and XC60 all benefit from the new and improved D5 and 2.4D diesel engines which were announced earlier this year3. The new D5 engine with its twin sequential turbo charging offers a 20 PS performance boost to provide 205 PS and 420 NM of torque. Despite this power increase, CO2 emissions have been cut to 169 g/km in the XC70 and V70, 183 g/km in the XC60, while the S80 offers 164 g/km.

The 2.4D has also been upgraded and the new engine offers a 12 percent improvement in performance to 175 PS and 420 Nm of torque whilst bringing down CO2 levels to 155 g/km in the S80 and 159 g/km in the V70. In the XC60 and XC70 the 2.4D coincides with the introduction of front-wheel-drive and together, they reduce emissions to just 159 g/km. Crucially, this figure enables these two models to fall below the 160 g/km threshold for the Capital Write Down Allowance.

New Premium Pack and updated Satellite Navigation system Volvo is offering the ultimate upgrade with an additional Premium Pack specification on all trim levels and engines in XC60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90 models for an extra £2,000. The Premium Pack includes the addition of Leather-faced Upholstery and Satellite Navigation System (RTI) in the XC60, V70 and XC70. On the XC90 the Premium model adds Satellite Navigation System (RTI), Dual Band Integrated GSM Telephone and Volvo On Call. Meanwhile the C70 also gets a Premium Pack for an extra £1,800 and features Satellite Navigation System (RTI), Bluetooth Handsfree System and Keyless Drive. The Premium Packs are designed to complement the existing high levels of specification on whichever engine or trim level chosen.

An updated Satellite Navigation system (RTI) has also been introduced in the XC60, V70, XC70, S80 and XC90 to bring them in line with the smaller cars in the Volvo range. A new driver interface, new colours and an improved premium feel to the menu and symbols are the key features and the unit costs £1,950 (including VAT).

All new MY'10 models are available to order now with first customer cars expected in July.