Infiniti QX70 represents a balanced mixture between a SUV and a sports car. It simply takes the best of both worlds and combines it in its character. With the new body kit provided by AHG-Sports, the car just got a bit more attractive.

Being initially powered by a standard all-wheel-drive 5-litres-V8-petrol engine that is matched to a 7- speed automatic transmission, the QX70 gives huge performance. When you put your foot on the accelerator, you are reminded right away about the 390 horses that are waiting to be tamed.

With the new "LR3" body kit provided by AHG-Sports, the attractiveness of the Infiniti is boosted one level up. The kit includes a reworked front bumper with daytime running lights, side skirts, fender extensions all around, a rear bumper with F1-rear fog lights, tweaked exhaust embellishers and a spoiler on the roof edge. Customers are required to pay 16.900 Euro for coating application, assembly and registration. The full equipment is priced is priced at 101.500 Euro, including destination charges and VAT.

Yet, it is known that there are people who wouldn't like to purchase all of the components of the LR3 for Infiniti QX70. For this reason, the tuner offers separate parts: AHG-Sports 25mm lowering for 1.250 Euro, AHG-Sports wheel set shift 22" with 285/35R22 tyres for 5.200 Euro, AHG-Sports 25 mm wheel spacers for 500 Euro, AHG-Sports performance increase up to 420 HP (309 kW) for 1.250 Euro, AHG-Sports sports exhaust (flaps activated) cat back for 4.990 Euro, red-painted motor covering for 200 Euro, roof rails, door handles and radiator grill shining black-painted for 1.150 Euro, shine-black coated chrome strips all around for 800 Euro and finally radiator grill painted for 600 Euro.

Source: Miranda-Media