An Overview Of Critical UTV Accessories And Parts

Also referred to as "side-by-side" by most riders, a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is used as much for work as recreation. So, whether you are a pro rider hoping to hit rough trails or need to work on your farm, you need to ensure all the parts in your vehicle are working correctly.

But new riders may not have an idea as to which UTV parts are most important. Therefore, here's a list of some vital parts of the vehicle that you should know about. It will help you take care of your vehicle and use it for a long time.

Fundamental Parts

If you have a brand new UTV standing in your garage but have no idea which of its parts are most crucial, refer to this list.

➢   Shock Absorbers

Arguably the most crucial part of a UTV or any vehicle for that matter, the shocks are what keep you steady – whether on stable ground or uneven terrain. They transform kinetic energy into another form, usually heat so that you remain steady on all possible pathways. There are plenty of shocks to choose from in the market. So, when you buy them, consider features such as rebound and preload adjustments, high and low-speed compression, and piggyback or remote reservoir.

➢   Steering Racks

The steering rack plays a pivotal role in providing riders with controlled and tight steering during rides. It makes sure both wheels move in the correct direction. If you feel like you have no control over the steering during a ride and cannot turn the vehicle smoothly with it, consider changing the steering rack.

➢   Protective Equipment

Having the best possible protective UTV parts is an absolute must if you frequently ride challenging terrains such as woods, rocky slopes, mountainous pathways, and brushes. Ensure you have robust front and rear bumpers and powerful door armor that can protect your UTV doors. Also, it is essential to protect the underside of your vehicle by investing in high-quality skid plates.

➢   Ride Improvement Systems

There are various levels of ride improvement systems available that can ensure you have a comfortable ride, even on rugged terrains. For instance, a stage one system can allow you to modify the shaft, piston, adjusters, valving, bypass tubes, lower loop, and extension spring slider. You can also pick stage two or three improvement systems and have them fixed by a professional for better performance.

➢   Sway Bars

Also called anti-roll bars, these are designed to decrease the body rolls of the vehicle that generally occur when you make fast and sudden turns. During such extreme and dangerous turns, the sway bar will boost the stiffness of the suspension roll, easing the vehicle through the turn. You need to upgrade to better sway bars if you begin experiencing unpleasant body rolls during rides.

➢   Toe Links

If you are climbing challenging roads, the back wheels of your vehicle must be steady on the ground. Toe links can do just that by keeping the rear suspension stable. They are also beneficial in ensuring your wheels are in the proper position at all times, helping you take control of the vehicle more efficiently and comfortably.

Popular UTV accessories

The UTV industry is worth billions of dollars and is only expected to grow in the coming years. With that in mind, manufacturers have designed an array of incredible accessories that riders can invest in for more fulfilling riding experiences. Some of the top accessories are listed below.

  • Cargo Box or Cooler– Riders who prefer taking their UTVs camping invest in these smart box-cum-coolers as an after-market upgrade. These cases come with multiple compartments where you can store drinks, food, and other essentials.
  • Roofs and Windshields Most UTVs come with only a frame and no glass. So, several riders get glass roofs and windshields as protection against harsh UV rays, rainfall, and other extreme weather conditions. You can also get the side and rear-view mirrors.
  • First-Aid Kit This is a must even if you do not ride your UTV regularly. One can never tell what kind of an accident you can get into when coursing through challenging paths.
  • Mobile Phone Charger Running out of battery during long rides is not a good idea. Therefore, carry a charger at all times so that you can contact someone in case of an emergency. You can also have GPS installed on your vehicle for additional convenience.
  • Emergency Gear - These include duct tape, a small fire extinguisher, tow straps, gloves, nuts and bolts, a spare axle, toolbox, and other spare parts that one may need unexpectedly.

Now that you have a clearer picture of which parts of a UTV are most important and the accessories you can invest in, you can enjoy longer, safer, and more satisfactory rides.

Image Source: Google Images