Audi RS3 has been turned into a Safety Car via optical tuning and then taken to the experts at They were working in collaboration with the power uprating specialists at PP-Performance to bring about the result we see in the pictures. The car looks stunning and very expressive, so let's see in details what has happened to it.

After the serial Audi RS3 was modified into a safety car, the wrapping specialists have applied a full white foil to its exterior. Then they have added the details, thus creating a racing design effect. Partial wrapping of the rims followed by a stylish tinting of windows, and the front and rear lights, rounded out the work if

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To be as completed as possible, the safety car needed to be transformed in terms of power. Obviously, didn't find enough the serial 350hp (250 kW) and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of the RS3. So they needed little help in boosting the stock engine.

Audi RS3 Safety Car by Rear View

They have eventually contacted the experts at PP-Performance, who ensured stage 3 tuning for this Audi. Via chip uprating, the output of the Audi is now 450 HP (331 kW) with the amazing 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of optimum torque.

The greatest result is the 4 second time for the 0-100 km/h acceleration sprint. How cool is that? But wait, this is not all. The Vmax has been changed too, and it now reaches 310 kmph (190 mph).

Want more? You'll get more with the BMC racing filter, the charge air cooler, the Wagner down pipe as well as the Milltek sports exhaust system. In other words, this project is definitely something to stare in awe. We like it very much and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did!

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