B&B, the well-known VW and Audi tuning specialist has released its latest refining program, transforming the current Volkswagen Golf R into a hot sports vehicle. The offered program excels only at performance enhancements, but the all-rounded Golf R looks fresh even without aftermarket styling improvements.

The B&B automotive has developed its program in 3 different stages: 310hp, 324hp and 362hp. Boasting the highest stage – 362hp, the B&B VW Golf R is capable to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds flat, while reaching a top speed of over 280km/h.

B&B specialists have managed to reach these striking values by mounting a bigger turbo charger, a sport exhaust system with special downpipe and high performance sports catalysts as well as an electronic tuning. Moreover, the refined vehicle houses revised intake unit and air cooling system. In addition, B&B offers a special slim-line oil cooling system, which is designed to keep the oil temperature at proper level. B&B Golf R also benefits from special sport springs that allows lowering of up to 30mm. The meaner stance also gets underlined by the B&B 8-stroke high quality breaking system and the exclusive rims, which are available in 19- and 20-inch set.

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