Bentley "Blue Train"

Bentley "Blue Train" and the story of a legend

Bentley "Blue Train" still enjoys winning competition and different events, even after 85 years since the famous victory, that created a name-legend. And now the veteran vehicle took another four prestigious awards at the Schloss Benshberg Classics event in Germany.

Now owned by Mr. Bruce McCaw, the Speed Six "Blue Train" coupe was the big star at the event, which is, in fact, one of Europe's most prestigious classic concours shows. It was named "Best in Class: The Style of Speed", "Best of Show: Public Vote", "Best of Show: Jury Vote" and "Best in Special Category: Pre-War Closed Models". But this is not the only Bentley, that participated. The Bentley S1 Continental Flying Spur (1958) took the "Driving out in Style: Four-door Luxury Sports Saloons (Post-War)".

Bentley "Blue Train"

85 years ago, Capitain Woolf Barnato, Chairman of Bentley Motors was staying in Cannes, when he accepted a wager not only he will beat the Calais-Mediterranée Express (so called "Blue Train") back to Calais, but he will also be the at his club in London before the train even reached the English Channel. That's how good stories start. And, as you have already got it, the vehicle was victorious and has resonated among all Bentley enthusiasts ever since. Even the fact, that in recent years there were even some evidences to suggest, that Barnato drove his Mulliner sallon-bodied Speed 6, but what is important is that the coupe will be forever known as the Blue Train vehicle.

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And to remember this historic event, Bentley Motors produced a special Limited Edition series: the Mulsanne Speed "Blue Train".  As expected, the limited vehicles are produced by skilled craftsmen at the Mulliner division. Each vehicle includes numerous historical references, but also and some modern interpretations of design.

For example, the well-known fluting pattern in the door panels and the rear quarter inserts echo  the interior of the original vehicle.  Furthermore, the dashboarad facia comes with nicely crafted veneer image of the original Bentley "Blue Train" Speed Six. The treadplate also had its attention. Now it bears the wording "Blue Train 85 Years" and the front grille also received some slight changes.

Beautiful car, legendary brand and a story, that created a legend. What more could we say?

Source: Bentley Motors, Inc