2019 Wheelsandmore  Bentley New Continental GT - Front Angle

After Startech and Arden released their conversion parts Wheelsandmore has also completed its tuning program for the current Continental GT 3S. Without touching the body shapes and silhouettes, the German tuning company achieves a harmonious and powerful upgrade for the elegant gran tourer.

Away from current discussions about reducing fuel consumption and emissions the current New Continental GT still provides a W12 bi-turbo engine with 6 liters and 635 hp output. With 900nm torque the four-wheel drive pushes the coupe impressive and passes the 100 kmh mark already after 3.7s. Now the Wheelsandmore program offers two different upgrade levels for the power-hungry customers. The increasement is gained either by remapping the control units or available as a very easy to install plug-and-play variant with an additional control unit. In stage 1 the noble tuner transforms the power into 751hp and 1050nm of torque. In the second stage, the refiner drives even sharper parameters and adapts them to his flap-controlled exhaust system. With 343 kmh top speed and 795 hp engine power with a maximum of 1100 nm torque, the New Continental then turns posthumously into a real Porsche killer. The acceleration sprint from 0-100kmh is finished after 3,28s with the stage 2 upgrade tuning.

After extensive development work the Wheelsandmore technicians have succeeded in developing a full-sounding, throughput-optimized and TUV-approved exhaust system. The particle filter remains completely in the original exhaust system. The original pre-muffler dummy is connected by voluminous pipes to the flap-controlled rear silencer. The result is a rich, dull rumble, as befits a luxury coupe of this class.

Technically the New Continental GT 3S uses lot of known parts from current Porsche Panamera. It is therefore hardly surprising that the axles, brakes and wheel connection dimensions of Porsche are the same with high offsets and less space to the outside and brake calipers. In conjunction with the already immense speed and the mounted 21 inch wheels, the tuner Wheelsandmore had no other option as developing a special new 22 inch wheel for the 3S. After many rough designs and countless simulations, the manufactory has designed its new model B-Sport in 9.5 and 11.5x22 inches for the new Bentley. Available in silver and black, the classic Y-spoke designed wheel looks very filigree on the bulky New Continental and visually at least as big as a 23-inch wheel due to the spokes reaching to the outer edge and the concave contour. The matching tires are coming from the high performance specialists from Pirelli, where they have homologated tires in sizes 275/35/22 and 315/30/22 up to the vmax of 343 kmh.

Lowering height of the stock air suspension is possible due a new plug-and-play lowering module, which can easily be plugged into the chassis circuit. The lowering module can be controlled both by original suspension control from the interior as well as by innovative mobile APP. The APP is suitable for all Iphone devices and smartphones with Android operating system.

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