2020 Bentley GT Styling SpecificationsBentley customers now can add an extra sporty spark to their Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, and Bentayga with the addition of the Styling Specification. Crafted by skilled professionals through an extensive program, Styling Specification suite includes a front bumper splitter, side skirt with metallic Bentley badges, rear diffuser, and boot lid spoiler in glossy carbon fiber. Additionally, the Bentayga package also includes a bi-plane tailgate spoiler and rear screen strakes, also in high gloss carbon fiber with additional options of front air blades, wing vents, and mirror caps.

Just like the veneer which adorns the cabin space, the carbon-fiber exterior facets are mirror-matched across the center of the vehicle for symmetrical effect and contribute to that precise and appealing visual aesthetics. The carbon-fiber weave is a 2x2 twill pattern, woven in the same direction for all components in order to ensure consistency.

Styling Specification development process

2020 Bentley GT Styling Specifications

The project has been developed by the same team that delivered us all the upgrade packs for the previous generations of Continental GT, including these for the GT3-R and the Superstpots models.

In fact, the Styling Specification is exclusively designed to complement the aerodynamic performance of the entire Continental GT family and the Bentayga lineup. The first design approached are based on a thing called computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which enables more precise aerodynamic performance. Also, it includes front and rear lift and overall drag. Neat! By using simulations, the team managed to achieve better engine and brake cooling and reduction to noise and vibration levels. Additionally, these electric tests have managed to minimize the effect that the carbon fiber components have on the vehicle system from the Park Distance Control.

Once these upgrades are successfully integrated in the vehicle, the parts will be assessed one more time through a variety of validation tests. Such include durability programs as the 100,000km test – an abusing evaluation of Continental's behavior on rough roads, high speeds, cornering and similar. Such comprehensive examinations ensure that all the parts have been crafter in an impeccable manner and not only would serve as a performance boost, but also contribute this inimitable and super-sexy Bentley visual expression.

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The Styling Specification is already available to order and can be ordered with a new vehicle or can be optionally installed on an already purchased unit.


2020 Bentley GT Styling Specifications

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