Bentley Team M-Sport is impatient and confident for the race

Bentley Team M-Sport is heading to Belgium with a single idea in mind: to win the tough challenge of 2015 Blancpain Endurance Series: the TOTAL 24 Hours of Spa. Bad for the competitors, in this case Spa doesn't mean a hot room for relaxation, but a tough and hostile track and a 24-hours marathon. But the competitors not only will have to be as fast as possible, but also will have to get a large volume of points, given in special occasions. And this year's event is a special for Bentley team, because they will try to be better than in the 2014 race, where the two vehicles suffered misfortune, but still managed to finish. This means, that it is time for motivation, passion and desire to win.

For the 2015 season Bentley Team M-Sport will race with four Continental GT3 vehicles: two from Bentley Team M-Sport and two by the Bentley Team HTP customer outfit. Furthermore, Bentley Team M-Sport will include drivers Guy Smith, Andy Meyric and Stevben Kane in vehicle #7, while #8 will be piloted by Maxi Buhk, Andy Soucek and Maxime Soulet.

And while the team confidently prepares for the event, there is a sold-out program to Bentley customers, that includes an on-track parade of Bentley vehicles, including the Continental GT3-R just before the start of the tough 24-hour race.

So, what's the plan? On Thursday, 23rd of July Bentley team will have to do four sessions, that include a Free Practice, Pre-Qualifying, Qualifying and Night Qualifying. The duration of all four activities is between 1 and 1:30 hours. On the next day, the 24th of July the Bentley team will compete for the Super Pole and the race itself starts on 26th, Sunday in 16:30.

We wish good luck to the Bentley Team M-Sport and we all hope, that they will have numerous occasions for celebrating.

Source: Bentley Motors, Inc