2020 Porsche von Motopark

This name has been synonymous with countless successes in international motorsport series and a great deal of race track expertise. It is not for nothing that famous names like Valtteri Bottas or Max Verstappen learned to race here under team boss Timo Rumpfkeil from scratch and finally ended up in the top class of motorsports.

Of course, it's just natural to transfer this concentrated expertise from the race track to the road:

After the first conversions of a Porsche 997 GT3 for Olaf DOBBERKAU and Ruben ZELTNER to a rally version, the former Swedish racing driver Kevin KLEVEROS approached the Motopark professionals with a very special request:

His Porsche 911 GT3 RS - a true feast for the eyes and a real rarity even in its original condition - should get a complete Rally Mod. And Rally should not only stand for a martial optic in WRC-style but also for a corresponding performance, which is in no way inferior to the optics!

And of course, the remaining comfort of the GT3 RS of the 991 series should also be retained in order to continue to be used to its full extent on the road.

The result is truly something to see - and above all heard!

Because a handmade stainless steel exhaust system with even further optimized throughput ensures that the not exactly quiet high-revving boxer gets the acoustic stage it deserves. By the way, a specially developed Air Scoop on the roof sucks in fresh air at all times - and this part looks pretty cool on top of everything else.

With regard to the suspension, the Motopark team was also able to draw on practically unlimited resources:

The Full-Spec-Rally-Dampers with special tuning, adjustable in compression high/low as well as rebound, are made by REIGER and feature both a rebound control valve and a corner control valve. A thermostat provides identical damping in cold and warm conditions. Naturally, springs and stabilizers have also been reworked and got into shape for tough off-road use.

A fat underbody protection and mud flaps not only protect the GT3 RS from stones and other loose objects, but also give it the look befitting its intended use.

Another damn cool gimmick: The Fly-Off handbrake with ABS Kill-Switch ensures bold drifts in gymkhana style on any surface at any time.

It is well known that it gets dark early in Sweden, especially in the winter months - but that doesn't cause too many problems to the off-road high-flyer from Oschersleben: A huge Nightface (carbon bracket) with extremely bright Xenon auxiliary lights turns night into day.

On the deceleration side, Porsche already provided a very good basis, which is why hardly any modifications were necessary: The brake pads with rally specification have a higher coefficient of friction and thus ensure better cold grip.

Since this rare gem is not suppose to flattened its tires - or in other words just sitting around in a car collection later but will also experience species-appropriate movement. Therefore the safety side was also upgraded: In the interior the Motopark team has installed a safety-cage extension which is optionally available from Porsche. A rally counter calculates distances, average times etc. via GPS and a reading lamp for the co-driver is included, too!

For the matching "war paint" of the GT3 RS, the Motopark crew - at the request of the customer - finally got Hajo LEMKE from 811 design on board.

The result was an overall concept that also delivers the performance promised by the martial appearance. And a vehicle that - despite its continued registration - will not be seen again on public roads in the near future.

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