2017 Ford FusionDefinitely there is still no automobile brand that can prevent traffic congestion, but luckily there is one that would make the traffic experience far less stressful. Yes, we are talking about Ford and its fresh new technology that would answer the needs of thousands of angry drivers.

The brand proudly demonstrates a new stop-and-go technology that would be available for the 2017 Fusion model which piggubacks on the already available Adaptive Cruise Control and helps drivers experience less stressful situations on the road. What it does in reality is to automatically accelerate and stop, while keeping safe distance between the front and back car.

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Furthermore, by using special steering wheel buttons, the Adaptive Cruise Control will allow drivers to set cruise control speed and follow a specific distance from the vehicle ahead. The semi-autonomous system can even automatically adjust the set speed and maintain comfortable ride: what Ford engineers tried to do is to mimic the human driver behavior.

2017 Fusion is, in fact, the first Ford model to offer the Adaptive Cruise Control with this sweet new stop and go function. Of course, this new stop-and-go goodie will be geared in three Ford models so far and it is expected that this list extends with time.

2017 Ford Fusion arrives at Ford dealers later this Spring.

Source: Ford