2015 GMC Canyon Nightfall EditionThe redesigned and improved 2015 GMC Canyon pickup feels really comfortable both in the city and in the woods. In fact, you can try the premium GMC with the interactive online platform "Canyon Experience". It lets  customers to personally test the pickup on every terrain and see if it fits their own style.

Actually, the Canyon Experience is the first project, that uses both Google Maps and Google Street View technologies to let you "see" the GMC in your neighbourhood, just next to your house.

The expanding Canyon line includes constant customer changes or upgrades to the GMC lineup. In fact, through March, more than the half of the Canyon buyers traded their non-GM brand an had viewed information on the official site more than 3 million times last spring.

Back to the Canyon Experience. It is designed to connect and serve the customers in the early stages of buying the vehicle. The platform is available for desktop internet browsers, tablets, iOS and Android devices.

Canyon has created trucks for more than a decade, with innovative and ever-improving technologies. The brand evolves to bring more power and efficiency on the market, along with different types of vehicles, including everything from small, light-duty pickups to titanic and heavy-duty machines.

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