How Engineering Has Boosted the Automotive Industry Through Nanotechnology: Introducing Ceramic Coatings

As time passes by, technologies advance, and discoveries are made, fortunately for the car care industry, engineering has taken paint protection to all new heights. With the discovery of Silicon Dioxide and Graphene Oxide, the automotive industry has never been this well equipped to deliver durability and gloss on these unprecedented levels.

Furthermore, the process of applying a ceramic coating to your car is not only an easy task but will also provide you with numerous benefits. The coatings are now gaining popularity among car owners due to their abilities to protect, beautify and provide long-lasting results, which are sometimes even better than the results provided by high-quality waxes. According to Melbourne Car Detailers Schmicko, for anyone who wishes to maintain their car in the best possible state, ceramic coatings are definitely a must. This is where advanced science meets the automotive industry – this is nanotechnology.

The History of Ceramic Coating

The need to develop a protective coating that would last longer than any other coating has been around for centuries. For years, the only available option for car owners to coat their cars was by using waxes. During this process, although your car is left with a shiny and smooth surface, you will have to re-apply it frequently to keep your car's surface protected. By the time, people have realized that there is a better option available, one which would provide results similar to waxes but could last longer. This brought about the development of ceramic coatings which are also known as CQuartz Finest Trim Coatings.

The Benefits of Using Ceramic Coating

1. Protection

Ceramic coating is known to provide an extremely strong barrier between your car's paint and the elements which could potentially damage it. It provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, which means that you will not have to worry about any type of weather condition damaging your car's surface. The protection is so strong that you do not need to clean your car as often as you need to all thanks to its superhydrophobic/water-repelling properties.

2. Easier Removal of Dirt and Grime

When it comes to the removal of dirt and grime, waxes are the easiest option that is available. On the other hand, when using ceramic coatings there is no need to worry about scratching or damaging your car's surface as you will be able to remove all of the dirt by simply using a regular wash. No need for expensive polishes and whatnot.

3. Resistance Against Acid Rain

Acid rain results in corrosion and oxidation on your car's paint, which makes it extremely important for you to protect it against this element. This is where ceramic coatings provide better protection, as they are resistant to all types of weather conditions and against chemical contaminants. Perfect for those who regularly drive and park outdoor or simply work near factories.

4. Glossy Surface

The glossy surface that is offered by ceramic coatings makes them the perfect option for you to maintain your car's surface. It provides an unprecedented shine on your car after applying it. This means that you will not have to worry about waxing your car every six months. The level of gloss is like no other, providing immense color depth so that you can maintain that showroom curb appeal all year round.

5. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Properties

When it comes to leaving a protective coating on your car, the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of ceramic coatings offer more benefits than any other coating available. This will not only leave you with a shiny surface but will also provide protection against water spots, acids, and any other element which could potentially damage your car's paint and eventually become very costly to fix and treat.

6. Longer Lasting Results

Compared to waxes, using ceramic coatings will provide you with much longer-lasting results. This means that once applied it will last for a longer time without requiring you to re-apply or maintain it again. The only element which could damage your car's surface is acid rain, which can easily be prevented by applying a coat of ceramic coating.

Although the ceramic coating is quite expensive, it is definitely worth the investment as you will be able to protect your car's paint for a longer period. Ceramic coatings are now readily available in various parts of the world and can easily be applied by car owners in their homes.