Supercar insurance is a specialized coverage created with the requirements of supercar owners specifically in mind. Insurance from a regular market insurer may not be the ideal choice if you drive a supercar (which is both pricey and quick!).

Is Supercar Insurance Something You Should Consider?

When it comes to driving a supercar, drivers love the finer things in life, but they also want to get their money's worth.

In our experience, most insurers see supercars as outliers and charge much higher premiums for them because of the 'greater risk' they pose. If you're buying insurance for a luxury brand, we'll educate drivers and help them realize why low-cost coverage won't always give the most excellent protection. Low-cost "agreed value" coverage might provide you peace of mind if anything happens to your high-performance sports vehicle (worth up to $40,000).

Exactly how much does high-performance vehicle insurance run you?

After 40 years of expertise as a specialized insurance broker, we estimate that a supercar owner will pay between 1% and 1.5% of the agreed insured value. If the agreed value of a McLaren Spider is $150,000, the annual premium would be between $1,500 and $2,250.

For example, the Lamborghini insurance cost is $500 to $600 per month, but some believe it may cover up to $1,000 to $3,000 per month. Indeed, folks who can afford a $200,000 Lamborghini can also pay an annual insurance premium between $6,000 and $30,000.

Supercars valued at more than $300,000 may see a slight decrease in the rate, although beginning at 1% is typically a reasonable expectation. This information about supercar insurance prices is offered as a courtesy and should not be taken as gospel.

Is It Possible To Save Money By Working With A Supercar Insurance Broker?

You shouldn't have to pay more for supercar insurance just because your vehicle has a turbocharged engine. Yes, using a comparison website to get supercar insurance may be done quickly and easily online. After a few mouse clicks, your purchase is complete.

While this may save time and money in the short term, it will leave you with a policy built around the insurer's interests (rather than your own!). Saving money, in our experience, isn't a top goal for supercar owners.

These ardent motorists care more about obtaining adequate security for their prized possession. Using a supercar insurance broker to get a customized quotation for your high-performance automobile is what we propose if that's the situation for you. People we assist benefit from our years of experience and skill in this challenging profession.

There isn't a single comparison site that can accomplish that in the whole globe, unfortunately. Yes, they may be occasionally less expensive as a consequence. However, these insurance plans do not provide the same degree of quality or guarantee as those offered by a broker.

Is supercar insurance available for drivers under the age of 25?

You can get supercar insurance if you're under 25, but the premium will be higher because of the increased perceived risk. Drivers who are this old and have had this much driving experience have a higher accident rate, as expected. A young driver's age is just one consideration; we also analyze several other aspects (such as driving experience, car type, model, driving behaviors, etc.) before recommending an insurance policy.

Tips to help reduce supercar insurance

When looking for supercar insurance, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start comparing rates.

How far do you intend to travel?

How do you drive, and how much time you spend behind the wheel significantly impacts your insurance rates? Reduce your annual mileage to fewer than 5,000 to reduce your risk, and your insurance rate should be priced accordingly. Use your supercar just on weekends or during the summer months to keep your mileage low and save money on your insurance premiums as well.

Do you own more than one car?

Supercar owners and drivers may be surprised to learn that insurers consider them to be a lower risk if they own or operate more than one vehicle. This is because if you have access to other cars, the time you spend driving the marquee to make will be significantly reduced. You may be able to reduce the cost of operating a supercar by purchasing a multi-car policy or family fleet insurance.

Are 'agreed value' policies something you should consider?

The value of all supercars fluctuates. Some are suitable investments and may rise in value significantly more than the market value' or list price, but not all of these investments are solid investments. Even if anything terrible happens, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you and your partner have agreed on the actual value of your automobile.

Underinsured people face a great deal of stress since they don't have enough insurance. This number should be reevaluated periodically, and you may have to show independent verification of value.

A "market value" policy could be more appropriate.

The majority of ordinary auto insurance policies are based on the market value of your car, which is the amount you may expect to get if you sell it.

A substantial probability your policy will include guarantees and conditions intended to protect the insurer's interests rather than yours if you purchase insurance like this from a comparison website or an average market insurer. Your "cheap" insurance may not be enough in the case of a claim, and it may not pay out the total market value, particularly if you suffer a complete loss.

Is it possible for you to increase your excess?

The more you take on in terms of duty, the less you'll pay in insurance premiums.

Even if you're a careful driver, remember that mishaps may happen for no apparent reason. If anything terrible happens, you don't want to be broke.

What's going to happen to your supercar after you sell it?

Risk management is an essential factor to consider when looking for insurance to offer coverage for your luxury automobile.

If you keep your vehicle secured in a garage overnight, you'll pay less for overnight auto insurance. If you leave your car unattended, you'll pay more.

What kind of tracker do you use?

If your supercar is stolen, paying for this additional security step might help the police find it faster and will generally cut your yearly insurance premiums.

Will you be traveling across the country or the ocean?

Driving in Europe or somewhere outside the UK will cut your premium, so be upfront about your travel plans if you want to save money.

Are there any changes to your car?

The cost to repair your supercar will be higher if it has been altered in any manner (including aesthetic modifications). Your insurance will be less expensive because of this if your automobile is built to manufacturer specifications.