After intense teaser campaign Infiniti QX30 Concept has been finally revealed. Of course, this has happened at the Geneva Auto Show. The design of the vehicle is typical for Infiniti and at the same time envisions the future production entry of the brand in the compact segment. With its sleek lines and all-wheel drive, the car is perfect not only for the city but also for the outdoors.

When you look at the body, it appears wide and thick, thanks to some styling cues as well as to the 21-inch wheels fitted with large tyres. The wheel design is indeed unique due to the combination of the three-dimensional milled aluminium and matte rubber material.

The front bumper is in satin chrome and is complemented by the tough-looking kick plates under the doors and the sculpted rear skid plate. In addition, the roof racks extend toward the centre line. All this makes the concept look like a mini version of SUV, which it exactly is.

The interior of the concept features the same innovative approach applied on the outside. For instance, the bold and dark cabin includes U-shaped seat frame that has been "dressed" in a layer of premium Connolly saddle leather. To make it even more special, the leather is accentuated by blue stitching.

The technology features available inside include Infiniti InTouch that helps the driver stay connected to their favorite devices. Regarding the powertrains, the QX30 Concept is envisioned with a wide range of diesel and petrol engines.

At last, we must say that this is definitely going to be a production model and this was just a preview. Infiniti has already confirmed that this concept signals a future premium compact crossover with full range of powertrains to suit any need of the customer.

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