Volvo has announced the new K-PAX S60 Race Car. It is designed to compete in the World Challenge GT Series.

It is based on Volvo S60, but this is the only thing that both cars have in common. The Race Car features an aggressive front fascia, a ventilated hood and a massive rear wing. There are also many other modifications to the power train and interior.

"For the first three races, we'll run the body style that took us to last year's championships," commented Jim Haughey, Team Owner of K-PAX Racing. "Once fans see the new cars, I think they'll be very impressed."

K-PAX S60 Race Car will be officially unveiled at the Miller Motorsports Park in April, before competing against entries such as the Cadillac CTS-V Racing Coupe. There are no further data, but the car will be all-wheel-drive.