As we all know, Mazda believes, that the word "driving" is not just the operation and controlling the vehicle. The team believes, that this is an experience, that can bring incredible pleasure of life itself. And to stay true to prove its words, Mazda launched a special campaign, named "Driving Matters".

The campaign itself will demonstrate different aspects of what is the thing, which makes driving important and pleasurable at the same time. Mazda's advanced technologies and design will be only part of what the brand team has to offer, along with the safety, efficiency and overall performance of the Mazda vehicles.

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The campaign will start with the special "A Driver's Life", which goes through numerous important moments of driver's live, like finally getting a driving license, buying the first car and so on. The spot will include many 2016 models. The campaign itself starts today (Friday, 22 May) and will contain different sixty-  and thirty- second ads.

In addition, the Zoom-Zoom tagline will remain a part of the brand's DNA. As you know, since the start in 2000, Zoom-Zoom has become a symbol of what Mazda focuses on: style, beauty and performance. The "Driving Matters" campaign will continue the heritage of Zoom-Zoom and will remind what does it mean to drive a Mazda vehicle.

Mazda Drive Matters Campaign (2015) - picture 1 of 5
Mazda Drive Matters Campaign (2015) - picture 2 of 5
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Source: Mazda