Mazda will celebrate its role as Central Feature Marque at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. With the ever-growing desire to create even better and better engines and vehicles, Mazda team has always been motivated by a single motto: "never stop challenging". Now, at 2015 Goodwood festival the Japanese brand will honor the incredible lineup of super cars, including the 1991 Le Mans 787B. In fact, this particular vehicle will make its first appearance at Goodwood since 2011.

Also joining the show is the 1990 Le Mans winner Mazda 787 with chassis number 002. Now the vehicle is maintained by Mazda USA and will remind everyone about its confidence and incredible features at 2015 Goodwood festival.

With their private owners, two Mazda 767B and 757 models will also make appearance, along with the famous Kent Abrahamsson Chevron B-16 Mazda, that marked Mazda's first Le Mans entry back in 1970. These vehicles wrote history back in the day and now they are back to tell about their glorious moments.

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Leading the way is definitely the special 1992 RX-792P, that was created for attacking the prototype ranks of American IMSA racing. The machine is powered by the same engine as the 787B model, but has numerous upgrades and changes. The model is famous, because it is the last Mazda model, that uses the factory produced prototype R26B engine.

Other famous Mazda vehicle, that will take place at the 2015 Goodwood festival is the 1991 IMSA GTO RX-7. This car is special, because, along with a team of professionals it managed to record 100 class victories in just 12 years. Impressive, isn't it?

Now owned and used by British enthusiast Kevin Doyle, the 1981 Spa 24 Hours winning RX-7 is the first Mazda vehicle, that set the first major outright Le Mans victory.

This yeas' Goodwood Festival of Speed will be a really interesting event. With legends such these Mazda vehicles, this is one of the most-anticipated events this year.

Source: Mazda