The final teaser image showing the sleek profile of the future turbocharged Morgan.Morgan is probably releasing the final teaser image of its new sports model that will be revealed in just a week at the Geneva Motor Show. As we can see from the picture the profile of the car is sleek, expresses dynamism and has this typical for Morgan design which we all love. It will be rather a coupe than a roadster. And unfortunately all of this shows nothing new so far.

What is more, judging by the last teaser, it will also carry the same old face with the big grille and round headlights. This isn't as amusing as it might seem, since we are big fans of Morgan, and we do want to see more.

However, what keeps us still hanging is the video shown a few days ago which displayed the interior and, most importantly, let us hear the roar of this beautiful beast. The mighty cry of the engine appears like Morgan is going turbo and this is what really excites each and every one of us!

What we already know is that the new model is going to be based on the Aero Coupe and Aero Supersports models. Since there is no information regarding the engine, except for the turbo sound, we expect to see a turbocharged version of the 4.8-liter V8 unit, meaning around 400+ hp and 450+ Nm of torque. And what are your expectations?

Video Source: YouTube

Source: Morgan