2022 Volkswagen Golf GTIn its latest generation, the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI offers more power and driving pleasure, thanks to its new technologies and brand-new approaches when it comes to drivetrain systems. With this particular model, the challenges before designers and engineers were two: how to create an appealing new look and how to complement it with contemporary and advanced systems.

The all-new GTI is a design statement; it merges a dynamic, sporty character with uncompromising functionality, said Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design. As the former head of design for the Volkswagen brand, he oversaw the development of the new GTI, we wanted to show that the GTI in its eighth generation has made a huge leap forward in performance.

Based on the MQB platform, the exterior of the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI has been completely restyled and now demonstrates a quite aggressive face and stance, and yet has retained this modest elegance the lineup is known for. The vehicle features a new and larger lower air intake grille, a new foglight design, and an overall cleaner and sportier stance.

The new Golf GTI boasts a very low visual center of gravity, which we achieved through the wide air intakes at the front and the striking shoulder line, said Zyciora, The connection between the upper grille element and headlights is much more precise, elongated even into the fenders, giving the car a much more concentrated and sportier look.

Furthermore, the new Golf GTI comes with a powerful rear shoulder and a diffuser placed lower, compared to previous models, and an exhaust system that is more powerful and ending with a pipe both on the left and right corner of the vehicle.

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As it comes to the interior, the GTI reveals a futuristic cockpit with a focus on the driver. There's a set of two displays – the standard Digital Cockpit Pro and either an 8.25-inch Composition Media or available 10-inch Discover Pro infotainment system, neat sports seats with integrated head restraints, ambient lighting, illuminated areas, and more.

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