2020-Ram-1500-910Ram 1500 Crew Cab full-size pickup has been named a Top Safety Pick Plus for 2019 – the highest rating given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The rating applies for 2020 Ram 1500 lineup and 2019 trucks produced after May this year and when equipped with adaptive LED projector headlamps and Ram's own Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system and Forward Collision Mitigation.

New Ram 1500 also features a patented approach to frame-rail construction that features spayed front frame-rails for better crash energy management in certain types for frontal collisions.

For all six crashworthiness tests conducted by the IIHS, three simulate frontal impacts and for all of these Ram 1500 recorded "good" results in each. For the remaining three exams, the vehicle also did well. These are side impact, rear impact, and a rollover.

What is also unique for the 1500 lineup, is that it uses an Integrated Radar Camera Module, which accommodates Forward Collision Mitigation. The IRCM consolidates radar and camera components behind the vehicle's rearview mirror, which simplifies their interface but also keeps important technology out of harm's way.

Meanwhile, Forward Collision Mitigation in Ram 1500 earned a "superior" rating from IIHS. The optional feature ensures sensor-fusion technology, which blends camera capability with radar detection in order to determine when an impact is imminent. Also, the system warns the driver to take action in order to avoid collision. If the driver fails to act on time, the system may activate the vehicle's brakes if a risk of collision occurs.

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Top Safety Pick Plus also is given when the vehicle is equipped with LED projector headlamps that have high-beam assist. The technology was improved this May, earning the highest IIHS rating of "good".