Interestingly enough, another custom company has undertaken a Toyota IQ project. Well, when we say Toyota we actually mean a Scion. And, yes, last week was an Aston Martin but this is all just badge talk. So today we have the SR autogroup made IQ – sporty, aggressive and with big wheels.

For a body kit, SR have chosen Fiveaxis components. They account for the front lip, side skirts, rear lip, and the roof spoiler. But a body kit does not look complete if it isn't almost grinding on the ground. So that is why we also have a set of Tein lowering springs which, according to SR, do not in any way compromise performance and ride comfort.

An overall custom look is achieved only when we add four matte black 17-inch Sparco wheels held by titanium red lug bolts. We are not sure why they have to be titanium but they look great as a contrasting agent. Does it work for you?

SR Scion IQ (2012)

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SRauto Scion IQ (2012) - picture 6 of 6

Source: SR autogroup