the-dos-and-donts-of-proper-vehicle-disposal-bf Disposal of vehicles is the general term used to describe any of the ways available in getting old cars out of your hands. It's often unavoidable as you use it for a long time.

Do's And Don'ts Of Proper Vehicle Disposal

According to Car Wreckers Tauranga, it's important to pay attention to how you dispose of your old vehicles as there are certain things you should and shouldn't do. Here's a brief insight into such actions:

Do: Vehicle Donation

One good way to get rid of an old vehicle in your garage is to donate it. Such donations can be to a charity organization or even to individuals such as relatives or family members. The idea behind donating vehicles is that what you consider old and unwanted will meet a great need in the hands of some other people. When you do this, you'd help solve a major problem.

One of the benefits of donating your vehicle is the reduction of tax payable on vehicles owned by you. Another is the reduction in maintenance cost that such will accrue if it remains in your garage.

Do: Sell The Vehicle

This is another valid way to get rid of your old but functional vehicle. All you need to do is locate wreckers and organizations that are into sales of used vehicles and allow them to be your broker.

You can find such brokers online. These people have the market base and resources to either buy it directly from your hand and then find a prospective buyer or they can connect you directly with a buyer and then receive a commission once you successfully dispose of your vehicle.

Another hidden advantage is that some car sales organizations will fix the car on your behalf if it has any faults and do a general rebrand for it before selling it off. These actions end up increasing the market value of your vehicle.

Do: Auto Recycling Or Scrap It Away

The dilemma most people who want to dispose of a vehicle becomes enormous when it's no longer road-worthy. A non-functional car poses the problem of how to get it out of the garage to either give it away or sell it off. The simple solution to this is to consider auto recycling, which means selling the car off in bits until you have nothing left in your garage.

To successfully do this, you need to make a list of the vehicle's parts and accessories that are still in good condition. After this is done, you can locate a dealer to come and pick the items you have for sale in them. You can find these dealers in your local community or by going online.

After selling off the usable accessories, what you have left that looks like junk is what's called scrap. You can then contact a metal recycling company to come and pick up the junk left for the right amount.

Don't: Leave It Abandoned In Your Garage

One major temptation when it comes to the disposal of an old vehicle is the emotional attachment people have with their vehicle probably because they've been using it for a while or because it represents a particular memory to them. This attachment ends up making them park such vehicles inside their garage for a long time, which can be a hassle.

It's never advisable to leave such a car in your garage because of the financial implication it'll have on you in the long run. A major problem with leaving such a vehicle in your garage is it's still going to be assumed as yours, and you'll have to continually pay tax for it.

Don't: Keep Using Old Vehicles

Another major challenge is that parked vehicles develop more faults and depreciate even faster, so you have to pay more in maintenance any time you want to move the vehicle.

Don't: Use It As A Loan Collateral

Some people do find a creative use for old cars. They can use them for collateral for loans they're not planning to pay with the mindset that the vehicles will later be seized when they don't pay up. This is a risky move as such vehicles may depreciate beyond what they're worth when you're collecting the loan. Thus, you can end up in more debts if you're not careful.


You don't need to keep unused vehicles parked in your garage as disposing of cars is easy and profitable. Just follow any of the listed options to get rid of your vehicle the right way.