Vauxhall has come to Santa's help after receiving a plea from the great man himself earlier this year to provide swift and ultra-clean transport for his annual blast around the world on December 24.

"The '08 Model Year reindeers have taken a rest this Christmas," said Father C. "In their old age they're becoming more flatulent and their increasing methane emissions just can't be good for the environment – never mind the fact I have to sit behind them.

"I'm as pleased as punch with my new slEigh-REV supplied to me by those kind people in Luton. They tell me it uses specially adapted E-REV technology from their upcoming Ampera motor car, which means I won't have to worry about re-charging as I do my chimney drops around the world on Christmas Eve."

The slEigh-REV's thrust is provided by an electronic motor which constantly propels it, while any range anxiety that Santa may have will be dispelled by a small engine which cuts in to charge the vehicle's batteries as their power depletes. Just like Vauxhall's Ampera, which goes on sale in early 2012.

So, not only can parents be assured of complete silence as Santa's slEigh-REV idles above their roof tops this Christmas, but also that Vauxhall has one of the most gruelling development programmes in the business.

Happy Christmas!

Vauxhalls Sleigh-Rev