2021 Volkswagen Atlas Volkswagen of America, Inc. announces that results from a maintenance cost study reveal that some of the brand's models have the lowest cost of maintenance. The analysis is performed by Vincentric, an automotive data firm. It shows that Atlas and Jetta's lineups offer the lowest costs for maintenance over the first five years of ownership, whereas Tiguan, Passat and Arteon outperformed key models from competitive brands.

Furthermore, Vincentric's maintenance cost analysis shows that some 2021 VW models feature outstanding results. Such are:

2021 Atlas Family of vehicles has the lowest cost of maintenance among midsize SUVs. The Atlas Cross Sport ranked #1 for the lowest cost of maintenance in the category.

2021 Jetta ranks #1 for the lowest cost of maintenance among compact sedans.

2021 Tiguan has a lower cost of maintenance than competitive models by Honda, Toyota and Subaru in the compact SUV segment.

2021 Passat and Arteon models have a lower cost of maintenance than competitive models by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai in the midsize sedan segment.

It seems that Volkswagen has managed to retain its high standards and high-quality vehicles. Not only the brand has revealed tons of new gadgets and ideas but also has managed to successfully incorporate all these in new vehicle models. For example, the new ID lineup has managed to catch the attention of both brand enthusiasts and sceptics with its advanced technologies and tons of innovations.

Volkswagen's operations in the US include technical research and development, vehicle processing, distribution centres, sales and service offices. Volkswagen Group remains one of the largest producers of passenger vehicles and Europe's largest manufacturer.

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As it comes to Vincentric, the firm provides data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry by applying numerous aspects of automotive value. This data is used by large organizations like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, AAA, Nissan and many others.