Volkswagen Golf R32 BiTurbo by MTE is now even more powerful. The first version of the car developed the staggering 735hp, but as you know the horsepower are never enough. Now the hatchback develops 785HP and 795Nm of torque.

To develop such amount of power, it is obvious that from the engine remained only the cylinder block, all other parts were changed with forded to maintain the pressure of two Garrett G28/71 turbochargers. MTE R32 received water/methanol-injection intake manifold and unique cast-iron exhaust manifold.

After the upgrades, R32 BiTurbo developed 730HP, but MTE revised the ECU and to boost pressure is up to 2.2 bar. Last year, the car ran on 1.6 bar, so with the new software it developes more power and torque and the top speed rised to 193 mph.

Other features of MTE Golf R32 BiTurbo are a Sachs Racing twin-disc clutch, KW Variant 3 racing coil-over suspension, high-performance brakes with Brembo six-piston calipers and RH Turborad rims fitted with 225/40 ZR 18 semi-slick tires.


MTE Golf R32 BiTurbo 03

MTE Golf R32 BiTurbo 04

MTE Golf R32 BiTurbo 05

MTE Golf R32 BiTurbo 06