2021 Volkswagen ID.4Volkswagen team announces that the new 2021 ID.4 EV is now part of the "Building an Electric Future" exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum. The exhibit, which opened in November 2019, celebrates VW's history, impactful moments and showcases some neat design ideas and technical advancements.

Building an Electric Future' gives a behind-the-scenes look at making the new age of electric and autonomous mobility happen, said Klaus Zyciora, Head of Design, Volkswagen Group. It shows varying perspectives from the point of view of the designer, the manufacturer, and the consumer.

The exhibit is consistent of five rooms that showcase Volkswagen's modular electric drive matrix, or MEB platform, various models which incorporate it and information about the building process. Through the incorporation of multimedia features in each room, visitors have the chance to visualize new changes faced by the automaker and explore what driving will look like in the future. The final room showcases the Volkswagen ID.4 and gives visitors an inside look of the brand's first all-electric SUV.

The 'Building an Electric Future' exhibit is a prime example of the future of mobility through the eyes of the world's largest automobile manufacturer, said Petersen Executive Director Terry L. Karges. We are proud to present this exhibit with Volkswagen and ignite a conversation about the impact of an electrified future. We hope it inspires museum guests to think critically about the cars of tomorrow and the challenges manufacturers are facing to design them.

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"Building an Electric Future" addresses the automobile industry's current shift to electric technologies and their incorporation into our everyday lives.

Source: Volkswagen