2021 Volkswagen MultivanIn September 1985, VW unveiled a new version of the T3 van: the Multivan. This was quite an unprecedented model because it managed to blend numerous functions in a single machine – this could simultaneously be a passenger car, MPV, and a camper. Smartly conceived like an automotive tool, the van managed to blend the functional DNA of vans with the elegance of a light vehicle.

Now, VW will try to do something similar and bring us a van with the DNA of the original Multivan. Later this year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will unveil the new Multivan vehicle and will try to breathe a new spark of life in the legendary lineup. The goal for engineers is to present a more sustainable, comfortable, and safer vehicle that would also be the most advanced one in terms of technology.

The VW team has already gained tons of experience in the segment with the Transporter, Caddy, Crafter, and Amarok models, so we expect that the new generation of Multivan will be as flexible and reliable as all other models in the segment. Something more, VWCV is also the lead brand for autonomous driving and the provider of such services, so we expect that the new Multivan will be geared with the latest and greatest tech concepts.

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Hopefully, this vehicle will help us build a cleaner and more intelligent future for us all. Stick with us for further details!

2021 Volkswagen Multivan

Source: Volkswagen