Careless drivers that operate a vehicle in a wanton way are known to cause reckless driving accidents. Every year, 3 million people are injured, and 90 people die in car accidents. Reckless driving vastly increases the risk of a catastrophic accident that can lead to long-term disability and fatalities. When you experience a reckless driving accident, you may need an attorney on your side to help you obtain fair compensation for all of your damages. They are experienced in traffic law and can identify when another driver was reckless and how they may have violated laws. You can visit here theissalawfirm.com to find out more information on what to do in the case of a reckless driver.

What Is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving happens when a driver performs extremely dangerous maneuvers on the road. Some common examples include the following:

Tail Gaiting

Known for their immature and impatient behavior, reckless drivers will often drive far too close to cars in front of them if they feel that car is driving too slow. They do this to intimidate drivers, force them to speed up, or encourage them to switch lanes. Because they are not giving the car ahead of them enough space, they may end up colliding with the back of the other vehicle.

Brake Checking

A reckless driver may become aggressive and start brake checking the car behind them if they are upset. This is when the car ahead suddenly steps on its brakes, forcing the car behind them to stop. Because brake checking is unexpected, the car behind may accidentally crash into the reckless driver.

Weaving Through Traffic And Failing To Signal 

Some drivers may weave through traffic when it is too heavy to get ahead of slow-moving cars. They often don't signal and make it difficult for other drivers to interpret their behavior. When reckless drivers weave through traffic, this can cause drivers around them to crash into them because the driver unexpectedly swerves into their path.

Substance Abuse

It is illegal to have a BAC of over 0.08% while operating a vehicle, in addition to abusing a substance while on the road. Reckless drivers also could be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing them to make poor decisions while on the road. They may have impaired cognitive processing, drowsy, or unable to respond to activity around them, resulting in a bad accident.

Cutting Drivers Off

Careless drivers have a bad habit of cutting drivers off without signaling. They can't wait until a car passes and will drive into the path of another vehicle without giving them enough room to adjust. This forces the original driver in the lane to slow down or step on the brakes, which can cause a bad accident.

Distracted Driving 

Another form of reckless driving includes distracted driving, which happens when a driver is distracted by their phone, other passengers, eating food, doing makeup, and other activities while on the road. It is illegal to text, send instant messages, and send emails while driving; however, many people are frequently involved in distracted driving.


Reckless drivers are known speeders and may even have several speeding tickets in their background history. Speeding prevents drivers from slowing down in time to prevent a crash and also makes it difficult for other drivers to predict their movements.

How Is A Reckless Driver At Fault In An Accident?

It can sometimes be difficult to know who's at fault in a bad car accident, especially if no eyewitnesses are available. However, a reckless driving attorney will be able to investigate and prove how another party is at fault if that is indeed the case. They do this by finding out how the other party was negligent and also reviewing the type of damages you experienced.

Negligence can be proved through the collection of evidence. For example, traffic camera footage. The police officer at the scene of the crash may have given a citation to the other party, showing that they had somehow caused the accident. Your attorney may subpoena the other party's cellphone company to find out if they were using their phone, such as texting or making phone calls, while on the road.

Other ways to prove that the other party is at fault is through drug tests if they were administered. Your attorney may also do accident reconstruction to help figure out how the accident occurred. There are many other ways that your attorney can investigate the other party and find out how they can be held responsible, even if it is difficult to prove that the other driver caused your accident.

The damages you experienced are another form of evidence. Even if you are partly at fault for your car accident, you can still receive damages for the percentage you're not at fault for through the comparative negligence law. You may have had such serious damages that you had to pay expensive medical bills. Additionally, you may be dealing with severe pain and suffering that deeply impacted your way of living. If your wounds caused a temporary disability, you probably had to take time off from work, missing income that you normally would have been paid. These damages are proof that you are owed compensation because of a reckless driving accident, and even if you are partly at fault, the other party can still be held liable.

What Should I Do After I Got In A Bad Reckless Driving Accident?

Once you've been in a scary reckless driving accident, you should speak to an attorney to get advice. It is also recommended that you see a doctor as soon as possible to get medical treatment. Take pictures of your car crash and show where you were hit by the other car. It can also help to take pictures of the entire scene of the crash and any other involved vehicles. Your attorney can initiate an investigation and seek a settlement claim on your behalf.