Nissan 200SX - Front Angle


Nissan 200sx – an automobile nameplate for the export version of Nissan automobiles between 1975 and 2002. The base car for this family is the Nissan Silvia (originally Datsun 200SX until the early 1980s). Six generations of this car fabricated in the period were top-ranked among Japanese Sports Cars ever made.

Nissan 200 SX – 1989 model – first ever designed looked sportier than later introduced model with an aggressively styled air slicing nose and flowing body lines. It was an excellent driver's car with exploitable RWD chassis and 197nhp on tap. Its old-fashioned look made it more admirable and a Classic car of the time.

It was a parallel development from the long-running Silvia Range, which was never introduced in Europe in S13 form, despite the previous S12 being successful.

Nissan 200 SX – (90's Icon) - Generations

The model line 200 SX started in 1989 with the Datsun (first generation, S10) in 1975. After that, five more generations followed with the S110 (1979-1984), S12 (1984-1989), S13 (1989-1993), S14 (1993-1999), and S15 (1999-2002). The name Silvia was given to all models based on the Nissan S platform.

A rear-wheel-drive 200SX is a true 90's icon and the most fun coupe on the market, with 200 PS available from its 2.0-liter turbo engine (charged), top speed of 146 mph, and 0-60 mph performance of under 07 secs.

The original vehicle is rare to find nowadays, as most of the versions are heavily modified, but possible to be found under Fast Classics.

The S14 model – Drifting King

S13 200sx version of Nissan was refined into the 1994 generation of S14 200sx. It was equipped with the legendary SR20DET 2.0-liter engine which is well known for its toughness and as compared to the S13 models of the UK, it is much larger and slightly more powerful.

S14 is known for its driving dynamics, with a lower, wider, and rounder body design than its former models, improved handling, and efficient road grip, making it drifting king of all times. Power and torque output are identical at 200PS and 195 lb. ft respectively, producing blistering performance and superb flexibility right through the rev range. Nissan 200 SX – S14 model is known to have participated in the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship, for drifting and earning respect and converging attention of thousands of enthusiasts.

200 SX is the export version of Nissan Silvia. Its history goes back to a time when a small coupe with a fastback was designed for the first time in 1975 and it was named Datsun. Fast-forwarding to 1994, it made its way to the European and Australian markets as well.

The S14 model was offered as an exclusive coupe with a 3-box body shape, longer wheelbase, and wide track, making it more comfortable. The interior of the car didn't appeal to designers much. A softly curved dashboard and 4 dials instrument cluster, HVAC on the upper side (center stack), and an audio system on the bottom part. There is an elegant velour seat material for the standard model and a revised instrument binnacle with a carbon fiber-effect surround.

The shining view of the Nissan 200SX sliding with smoke all around is just mesmerizing. The flexible steering, accurate balance, and perfect grip are what make 200SX the drift king.

Being light in weight is an edge. The perfect balance of the engines makes it easy to adapt to the mid-drift. Besides having the ability to provide you with the drift experience, this car is a classic of the '90s that resembles the Skyline a lot. With some modifications like spoiler sporting, head-turning, it can be a more demandable engine.

Graceful simplicity

In today's world of automation, Nissan 200SX will make you realize what makes driving so thrilling. An elegant design with no fake exhaust tips or dummy plastic vents, RWD providing perfect balance, user-friendly manual transmission, and a promising front engine, makes it loved by enthusiasts.

200 SX – Safety

Nissan has always kept the safety of its customer as its paramount concern when manufacturing its vehicles. Likewise, Nissan 200sx has both active and passive features in regards to the safety of the passengers. As a pre-emptive strategy, 200sx comes with superb interior ergonomics, a well-balanced chassis, clear visibility, and an ABS brake system for any unforeseen event to tackle on the road.

In case of an accident, its passive safety features come into play to keep injuries to the absolute minimum. Besides having airbags, Nissan 200sx offers pre-tensioner seatbelts, side-impact door beams, roof pillars that are reinforced, and a seatbelt locking system I the read and front passenger which can also be used for child seat security.

The golden era of Japanese sports cars

The period of the ‘80s and ‘90s was the time when Japan was really into making enthusiast cars, it is often considered to be the Golden Age of Japanese S platform-based automotive engineering. Cars of this era are now named "classics". Japanese automobile industries/manufacturers had hardened their unique design language and style on producing machines that could outperform sports cars from the U.S. and Europe. Nissan 200SX got a reputation that Lightens Up the Market with gorgeous, curvaceous machines and reliability.


Nissan 200sx has been highly competitive when we talk about a price tag of £22,000 on a standard car and £24,700 with a few additions of tan leather seats, autochanger, and passenger airbag to already generous features list. Nissan 200SX insurance cost may vary keeping in view your policy agent and the company that you deal with. The standard version of Nissan 200sx comes with some advanced features such as an immobilizer system, six-speaker sound system, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, and driver's airbag. These features are taken as a basic necessity for a standard car. You can also get s four-speed automatic gearbox on the touring pack model with some additional cost added to the price tag.

Recent value growth has made the 90s models increasingly popular also for investments, but original cars can be hard to find as many of the most popular models have been modified for racing and drifting.

It's a personal choice and a wonderful hobby to have classic cars in your garage.

Go and get yours today!