William Medcalf Vintage Bentley videoWilliam Medcalf is a world-renowned vintage Bentley specialist, who has been a subject of this featured video. The film experts at Petrolicious created an evocative film, which perfectly captures the spirit of Medcalf and gives hint into what drives his passion for vintage Bentleys. At the same time, we are sure that it would be the most beautiful video you have watched lately. With its fantastic cinematography (nods to the photographer/s) it not only pleases the senses, but also entertains the viewer and shows exactly how these cars are best used.

Filmed in the Sussex countryside, the 10-minute long piece actually shows the area surrounding Medcalf's workshop and headquarters in Liss. Why this is so important? Because the location provides the perfect driving roads and also previews England at its very best.

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In short, in the video you will hear William's story about his eternal passion for vintage Bentleys. He also gives some hints of how he thinks cars should be driven today. At one point he actually says that "Anything with wheels should be raced. Everything with wheels should be driven to the limit". Fair enough!

What is more, in the piece he will also take you on a tour of William Medcalf Vintage Bentley, thus giving you an insight into why his workshop is regarded as the only place to go for vintage Bentleys. He also reveals some surprising secrets of these famously durable and sporting cars. A trained machinist who knows vintage Bentleys better than anyone else, take a look at William Medcalf and his devotion to his life-long passion.

Source: William Medcalf & Petrolicious via YouTube