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Abarth News

arclight fab: getting the genuine parts for your vehicle was never easy before

When it comes to cars, everybody has a favorite, and that is why instead of buying a brand new car, some people would somewhat revive a vintage car that can hardly work. While this is deeply connected to one's dreams, it is essential to know that restoring a wrecked vehicle is quite expensive thanks to the fact that you will have to invest heavily in buying the required parts. The Ford F-series is one of the oldest car models that are hardly a

brabham team presents unique upgrade for the track-ready bt62

Brabham Automotive team proudly announces a special upgrade pack for its limited edition BT62 track car, which will make it a road legal machine. It is called Road Compliance Conversion pack and brings numerous utility and performance tweaks an upgrades. Let’s check out more! The Australian high-performance manufacturer has created the BT62 to be an uncompromising track machine with performance and power rates that significantly surpass thes

the spin on new cars

For most people, life without a car seems almost impossible. With 88% of people in America alone owning vehicles, it’s safe to say they are almost a necessity. Often, cars become a second home as they carry supplies, athletic gear, work materials, and nearly always something to eat stashed away if not rolling around in the back seat. They transport groceries, ballerinas, man’s first best friend, and quite often you to work every day. As long as you feed them regularly and get them a checkup

easiest ways to sell your car in a hurry

Looking to sell your car fast and still make a great profit?  You are not alone.  Whether you are moving to a big city where you don’t need a car, forsaking vehicles for bicycles for the benefit of the environment, or you need a larger vehicle for your family, most people will typically sell at least one car in their lifetime.  If you are in a hurry to get your car sold and get fast cash in your pocket, here are the easiest ways to sell your car quickly. Compare With Other Listings It goes without saying

why abarth is such a great brand and why the new 124 spider rally is such a great vehicle

Revealed for the first time last March at the Geneva Motor Show, the Abarth 124 Rally will be on display om the stage of the World Rally Championship at Italy's Sardina Rally until June 12. As we have told you, the new Abarth 124 Rally is a technological and engineering jem, and thanks to the massive experience of the Abarth Racing team, the vehicle has been throughout many glorious races  and events. In terms of drivetrain system, the veh

latest abarth 595 impresses with abundant equipment and vastness of power

The new line-up of Abarth 595 models is already here, two months after the release of the special 124 Spider. The car keeps the same cute appearance, steps over it and adds more with exclusive features, more powerful engines and vastness of product innovations. The 595 is compact, agile, and lightweight, and offers unique driving experience. For the new model year it will be available as a hatchback and a convertible, within three trim level:

abarth teams up with yamaha motogp team!

Abarth has always been known for its high-quality vehicles, performance and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. And in order to achieve even greater success, the brand teams up with the Moviestar Yamaha MotoGP team in the FIM MotoGP World Championship in order to deliver the latest Abarth 124 Spider. The high-performance attitude of Abarth was also confirmed at the Geneva International Motor Show, where the new 124 Spider model made its global debut. Definitely a vehicle, created for high doses of adrenaline and thrill

evox performance upgrade makes the abarth 695 biposto a racing machine

Alpha-N Performance have designed one-off EVOX upgrade for the Abarth 500, 595 and 695 models, which boosts their power levels extremely high. Although extremely cuddly in design, these cute small cars hide something “evilish” in their character, which comes to manifestation even more when boosted with the radical EVOX uprating. Sportier than ever, the car shown on the images in the gallery below and featured here is based on the Abarth 69

abarth celebrates fim motogp championship with 595 yamaha factory racing edition

Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing Edition has been released to celebrate Abarth’s position as an Official Sponsor and Car Supplier to the FIM MotoGP Championship. The hatches will be produced in only 595 examples and they are actually a result of the partnership with Yamaha, the champion riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. The cars will be offered in seven different exterior colors and will feature a lot of charming equipment for the ex

top 4 reasons why you should buy the abarth 595 trofeo edition

Abarth 595 Trofeo Edition is strictly limited. This means that it has some characteristics that aren’t typical for other car in the family. Of course they are all beneficial and come in hand when one wants more from his or her car. The Trofeo is on sale now, and here is why you should consider buying exactly this edition of the model: 1. Exclusivity Firs of all, I should mention that this model couldn’t get more exclusive. Note that there w

abarth 695 biposto is the “smallest of the supercars”

Today at the "Riccardo Paletti" Racetrack in Varano de' Melegari (Parma), the new Abarth 695 biposto is being introduced to the international press and made available for test drives. The car represents a perfect combination of road-going and racing cars. In other words, the 695 biposto generates “racing” into

new adac formula 4 racing cars fitted out with abarth engines

Following a continuous series of tests, Abarth was chosen as a German Fomrula 4 Championship partner for the next season. The prestigious carmaker was welcomed by the German automobile club and association ADAC with extreme enthusiasm. Demonstrating high-class support during the Italian Formula 4 Championship where Abarth contributed by supplying its engine to the Federation, now it is expected to deliver the same quality of products and sat