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Ac News

ac cobra series 1 electric will make its debut at the british motor show

A new generation of high-performance electric sports cars will make their debut at the British Motor Show. Indeed the new generation of AC Cobra Series 1 electric cars will demonstrate how contemporary technologies can go had by hand with high performance and sporty vibes. AC Cars is one of Britain’s oldest automobile manufacturers and has managed to impress its fans and enthusiasts with its advanced technologies and contemporary approaches,

the first production battista model makes its word debut at the monterey car week event

Automobili Pininfarina takes one more significant step in the development process of the Battista Hyper GT with the first production-spec example making its debut at the Monterey Car Week event 12-15 August. The particular vehicle will demonstrate a distinctive black exposed signature carbon fibre bodywork and black glossy precision polished Impulso rims. Also, the interior features black sustainable leather with striking Iconica Blu contrast

how to protect your car from big rigs on the road

Trucks are more enormous and heavier than passenger vehicles, and getting involved in a car-truck collision can be traumatic for the car driver and its passengers. Therefore, it’s important to know how you can protect your car from big rigs on the road. Check out these helpful tips to keep yourself safe while driving your car with trucks on the road: Keep A Good Distance  Sometimes, one might think that a slow-moving vehicle such as a garbage truck that comes and collects trash every week isn’t parti

ac cars announces the first details for the upcoming and electrified ac cobra series 1

Being the first of a new generation of sports cars, the AC Cobra Series 1 undergoes final development work and is ready to showcase its electric drivetrain system. The Series 1 lineup remains faithful to the origins of the AC Cobra, but also incorporates modern technical approaches and features a fully electric engine. Furthermore, the vehicle adopts the classic expression of the Cobra heritage and will still incorporate numerous of the well-know

important car sharing tips

Car sharing can be tricky if proper caution is not taken. Some car-sharing services give discounts in the form of bonus time. To benefit from these discounts, it is advisable to subscribe to their newsletters to get more information about the offers. Sharing cars can provide solutions for businesses. Both small-sized and large corporations can benefit from good car service providers. Some car users do not need them in their day-to-day routines. Rather than buying a car that you rarely use, y

5 easy diy car repairs to save money

Every car owner needs a regular maintenance schedule to keep their vehicle in the best shape. While it is advisable to always settle for professional car repair and maintenance, there are several repairs you can do on your own. Here are five easy car repairs you can do yourself to save money. Replacing windshield wipers One of the simplest DIY car maintenance tasks is replacing your windshield wipers. All you need to do is buy the right replacement wipers, remove the old ones using a

5 good reasons to buy from online car auctions

If you’re planning to buy a vehicle anytime soon, online car auctions can be one of your best options. Typically, an online car auction refers to a public sale of vehicles to the highest bidder, and it’s often done digitally. While this car-buying venture is gaining popularity, nowadays, many people still have doubts and questions on how they can work best for them. But the truth is, purchasing a car during an online auction comes with a lot of advantages. Below are the five reasons to buy from virtual car a

ram announces the exclusive 2022 1500 limited 10th anniversary edition

Ram is commemorating a decade of high-end pickups with the introduction of the new exclusive 2022 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Featuring tons of premium materials, components, and gadgets, the special edition comes with real wood inserts, metal and leather components, and many customization options. Some of the exclusive goodies are Blue Shade exterior color, multifunctional tailgate, Mopar central-mounted bed step, and adjustable car