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should you buy your off lease car

So, your lease is about to be up and you’re trying to decide whether to lease another car, buy a different car, or keep the one you have. Well, if your plan to buy another car entails getting a used one, you might just be better off continuing with the one you have. After all, you’ll never find a used car with which you’ll be more familiar — right? However, that’s just one of the things to ponder when you’re wondering whether you should buy your off lease car. What’s the Car Wor

what’s stopping us from having flying cars?

Science fiction has made us a number of promises that it seems real world scientists have no intention of keeping. Where are our consumer hoverboards, children of the 80s have been known to cry. Where are our jet packs? Where are our flying cars? Well, we might have a surprise for you on that last one. Various companies and entrepreneurs have been attempting to bring flying cars to a consumer market for decades, and the technology to do so has been around for quite a while. However, the biggest obstacles aren’

motor insurance— here's everything millennials should know

Driving a car is a steppingstone in every millennial’s life. If you are one of them, you will agree with this - You wait to turn eighteen and navigate your daily grind in a bike or car. You want to live your life for driving your vehicle as much as possible. But beware! It is crucial for you to know that road accidents are happening at every nook and corner. The count of fatal accidents is on the rise, says the source. Most millennials get s

4 tips to keep your car maintained

It is always painful to pay for car repair when the prices of everything have reached the sky, and car repairing is not cheap at all. However, many times, we have to take our cars to auto repair shops because of the flat tire, dead battery, clogged filter, weird noises, and whatnot. The good news is, you can minimize all these expenses of auto repair and can maintain your car well on your own. All you need to do is to take some time out to perform these checks mentioned below. Here are a few eas

3 best gps car tracker in 2019

When you want to keep your vehicle safe, without a doubt, a great choice is to locate a GPS tracker so you can keep it under control at all times, even in case of theft. Below are the 3 best car GPS trackers available this year in the market, and everyone can select the one that best suits their requirements. Xcsource vehicle GPS tracker Thanks to its excellent performance, this car GPS tracker is one of the best car GPS tracker that has become the best seller in the world, and has achiev

what’s the cheapest way to insure a second car?

You have just gotten a second car and you want to make sure that you will get it insured. How will you drive on the road knowing that you do not have car insurance? It can be even more challenging when you live in a place wherein car insurance is mandatory before will be allowed to drive your car. You are already paying a lot of money for your first car insurance. How are you going to afford your second car insurance? You have the power to search for American classic car insurance if you need to. What you have to d

is it possible to train drivers on self-driving cars in an augmented reality environment? let’s find out

Training drivers is not that easy, and it is more than enough to have you pulling your hair out while training them, unless you love to live on the edge for the adrenal rush or have a death wish. The most effective way to educate drivers, apart from driving around in one of these double steering or one with SANS steering cars with an extra braking system, is to use a virtual reality style, simulator, although a cruder version than say a plane

new possibilities unlocked - vinchain custom token

We’re always striving to innovate and improve the automotive industry, and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve made a huge leap in doing just that! VINchain is now able to provide its blockchain as a service (BaaS) to other companies looking to embrace blockchain technology. We are doing this by allowing c