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Alfa Romeo News

the true cost of owning a car

Once they have passed their driving test, most young people will save up to purchase their own car as soon as they can. Even a second-hand vehicle can set young people back quite a lot though; any car is inevitably going to be a pretty costly expense. But what a lot of people do not realise is that buying a car is not the only expense; there is also the cost of running it. From gas to insurance, from parking to repairs, there are a lot of additional costs that young drivers will also accrue o

the main things you need to know about car insurance in the usa

Having a car in the USA is not a luxury, but a necessity, especially in small cities where public transport is much less developed than in megacities. However, at the same time with the car, it is necessary to purchase a car insurance policy. What insurance to take, and what does its cost depend on? We prepared the answers. The difference in the USA Insurance Approaches The issue of car insurance in the United States is becoming more complicate

alfa romeo announces details for new stelvio ti model

The historic “Turismo Internazionale”, a synonomous with Alfa Romeo’s past glorious day, makes debut at the Stelvio range. First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, Stelvio Ti will be making its way to the UK roads this September with a relatively affordable price. By launching this new lineup, Alfa Romeo team

is your classic car worth restoring?

A car is a prized possession to many, and a good, well-kept classic car is something that will increase in value over time. Whether you’ve been eyeing a certain second-hand car, or you have one that’s been with your family for years, a classic car restoration is definitely something you should consider. There’s just something about being behind the wheel of a car that’s seen years of history that will make it hard to let go. Maybe it’s the car you learned to drive in, or maybe it’

alfa romeo presents new racing limited edition vehicles. check 'em out!

This weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed audience will witness the unveiling of a new Alfa Romeo Racing Limited Edition vehicle. Created in honor of brand’s return to the world of Formula 1, the lineup is limited to mere 10 Giulia Qadrifoglio and three Stelvio Qadrifoglio machines. Let’s check out more, shall we? Let’s start with the drivetrain system. Under the bonnet of the exclusive machines the engineers have managed to put an agi

4 signs you're buying a lemon

When buying a used or pre-owned car, it’s expected that there will be some wear and tear that comes with it. Used cars are a great way to save money when buying a car and if you do your research, you can end up with a car that will last you years to come. However, if you’re new to the car buying scene and are unsure how to go about buying a reliable car, you may end up with a lemon. Whether you’re looking for a car to learn how to drive, or you’re ready for your tenth car, you need to kn

alfa romeo tonale concept makes its home debut at salone internazionale del mobile

The 58th Salone Internazionale del Mobile has been chosen by Alfa Romeo team as the event for the national debut of the Tonale concept vehicle, brand’s first plug-in hybrid compact SUV. After the global debut in Geneva, Milan visitors will be able to see and admire the Alfa Romeo installation in Green Area 5 of the show, next to Hall 7 on Corso Italia. Held between 9th to 14th of April, the event demonstrates style, design and history of the

new battista supercar to be unveiled soon!

The sexy new Pininfarina Battista makes its UK debut as the city launches its latest battle against pollution. As you know, there’s already a place in UK named Ultra Low Emission Zone. Although going in production next year, the Italian beauty will showcase some style and drivetrain refinement sooner than we expect. With first deliveries due in late 2020, Battista’s electric engine system provides extraordinary performance with a dramatic body shape and tons of cutting-edge technologies. Along with its elega