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aston martin showcases a special exhibition in honor of sir david brown

Aston Martin Showcases a Special Exhibition In Honor of Sir David Brown

Bit by bit Christmas displays and ornaments disappear, but something else catches the eye in London's Kinightsbridge: a sight of special Aston Martin collection is on display in Harrods, world's most famous luxury department store. The incredible Aston Martin sports cars will take over the iconic place a month-long celebration of the British marques' DB nameplate. Since their debut in the 1950's the DB lineup by Aston Martin is named after Sid

iconic aston martin vehicles will search for their new owner

Iconic Aston Martin Vehicles Will Search For Their New Owner

James Bond and vehicle fans have numerous reasons to await the latest 007 movie, but let us give one more reason for celebration. Keno Brothers present their Rolling Sculpture Fine Automobile Auction on November 18-19, 2015 at the Skylight Carkson sq. in Soho, New York. What is special about this event, is that it will also include two iconic James Bond vehicles: the legendary 1965 Aston Martin DB5 and 1966 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage. Both vehicles

what will happen when two vulcans erupt together? [video]

What Will Happen When Two Vulcans Erupt Together? [VIDEO]

The last remaining airworthy Avro Vulcan prepares for its final flight later this months and as the iconinc 1950s British V bomber has been united with its contemporary namesake: the well-known Aston Martin Vulcan. And ahead of the final flight, the notorious Cold War-era long range machine was paired with the Aston

aston martin launches a special program for authentic am vehicles

Aston Martin Launches a Special Program for Authentic AM Vehicles

Aston Martin is today unveiling the classy and authoritative Assured Provenance certification program, which will assess the background of its heritage sports car. Let's not forget that this brad has 102-year history, so there is really a lot to be shown. The program is created to deliver a true blue riband service to heritage vehicle collectors and it is administrated and run by the brand's world-renowned in-house heritage car facility - Asto

2016 aston martiin james bond edition is finally here!

2016 Aston Martiin James Bond Edition Is Finally Here!

Aston Martin is not only known for its superior vehicles, but also for supporting world's most famous spy, who is indeed James Bond. And for one more time the luxury British brand offers something incredible under the name of DB9 GT Bond Edition. This masterpiece, limited to only 150 units, is especially crafted to

aston martin gt12 is almost here!

Aston Martin GT12 is Almost Here!

Aston Martin team passionately is preparing for a busy September and urgently tries to deliver as soon as possible the sold-out GT12. The arrival of the "65" registration plate will trigger some boosted sales by the fans of the UK's luxury vehicle brand. With production limited to only 100 units, the Vantage GT12 Special Edition will offer everything that brand's engineers managed to learn for some time now. The car comes with next-gen Aston Martin 6.0-Liter V12 powerplant that generates a to

a special and rare aston martin vehicle searches its new owner

A Special And Rare Aston Martin Vehicle Searches Its New Owner

A rare and special Aston Martin vehicle will be the big star of the show at Silverstone Auction's Salon Privé, held on Friday, September the 4th. With interesting history and in impeccable condition, the 1963 Aston Martin DB4 Series V Vantage will be the headline lot in auction of more than 60 exceptional modern and retro vehicles. With its original Goodwood Green paint and geared with red leather interior, the special Aston Martin is one of

aston martin db10: the brightest star in the newest james bond movie

Aston Martin DB10: The Brightest Star in the Newest James Bond Movie

“You have no authority. None.” These are the very first words we hear in the new James Bond movie trailer. However, the beauty by Aston Martin which features in the film seems to have plenty of authority there. A surplus of it in fact. The most scandalous secret agent is back and this time around he returns with much more saturated flair for action, motion and dynamism. His mission is yet again simple, in the most complex way of course

aston martin db9 gt unveiled. debut to take place at 2015 gfs

Aston Martin DB9 GT Unveiled. Debut to Take Place at 2015 GFS

Aston Martin DB9 GT is finally here. The luxurious British vehicle maker demonstrates the most interesting and stunning DB model to date. And as any Aston Martin vehicle, the DB9 GT comes with style, mighty presence and stunning power. And when we talk about power, the latest family member delivers 547 hp (402 kW) via the 6.0-liter V12 engine. And something more, the debut of Aston Martin DB9 GT will take place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed a

aston martin will thrill 2015 gfs with its biggest appearance

Aston Martin Will Thrill 2015 GFS With its Biggest Appearance

Aston Martin team is ready for the 22nd Goodwood Festival of Speed next week and will demonstrate some supreme machines, both sporty vehicles and saloon beauties. This particular lineup is expected to be the largest presence at the festival. At the show itself, along with the extended lineup,  that includes Vantage GT12, Aston Martin will also demonstrate the V12 Vantage S Roadster and the luxurious Rapide S four-door. The festival will also

aston martin racing is the current leader in both classes at 2015 le mans 24-hours

Aston Martin Racing is the Current Leader in Both Classes at 2015 Le Mans 24-Hours

We already told you about the numerous preparations, that Aston Martin did before the start of 2015 Le Mans 24-Hours. The team really had lots of things to improve and engineers worked hard for incredible amount of time until the last minute before the race. And as always, good work and well-made preparations pay well at the end. Now, at the halfway mark on the track of world's toughest race, Aston Martin Racing team is leading in both GTE cla

aston-martin team is ready for 2015 le mans race!

Aston-Martin Team is Ready for 2015 Le Mans Race!

Aston Martin Racing has qualified for the 2015 Le Mans 24-hours race with the #99 and #98 V8 Vantage GTE models. With this year's participation in world's toughest race, two things impressed us: the colorful and art-influenced Vantage and the "rookie" Richie Stanaway (NZ), who will race at the famous race for the first time. But the impressive thing, that the "new guy" managed to impress all of us with the fastest lap and putting the #99 on pole. SEE ALSO: Aston Martin Unveiled a Special Vantage GTE Model Stanaw