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Ford News

ford invites everyone to a special exhibition event. check it out!

Ford and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum (NIHF) are to unveil an unique Mustang vehicle that blends classic and contemporary features of the 1965 model and the 2015 model in one-of-a-kind exposition. This split-personality Mustang is part of a new Intellectual Property Power Exhibit at the NIHF and along with other exhibits, the Mustang is here to celebrate the story of intellectual property and the illumination of science and innov

ford performance and the story behind 2016 focus rs rx

As you might know, Ford Focus RS RX was designed in order to become the ultimate rallycross  car in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. In collaboration with UK-based M-Sport and Hoonigan Racing Division, Ford Performance engineering team implemented the same cutting-edge technologies and high-tech instruments to d

wrapworks creates new outfit for the mustang gt fastback

Another interesting tuning project for today is presented before us by the German specialists at WRAPworks. Their name might sound misleading, because this tuning is not only about foil wrapping, but also modifications regarding performance and driving enjoinment. Although the Mustangs are not a common car in Europe, W

beijing shows big interest in ford f-150 raptor supercrew 

Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew is a high-performance off-road pickup currently available to preview at the Beijing International Auto Show. It will be released on the Chinese market next year, delivering new level of capability to the off-road enthusiasts due to its purpose-built engine, chassis and suspension. In addi

ford reveals the special vehicle package for 2016 f-150. check it out!

Government and fleet customers, along with law enforcement and roadside assistance providers will be pleased to know that Ford offers a Special Service Vehicle package for the 2016 F-150. America's toughest truck will finally meet even the highest requirements of its customers and one more time Ford brand shows its dedication towards fine and flexible vehicles. The F-150 Special Service gives wide list of goodies and configurations. There are

america's toughest truck takes home more prestigious awards

2016 Ford F-150, America's toughest, smartest and most capable heavy-duty pickup appears to be the only large vehicle to earn Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick prize for the SuperCrew and SuperCab configurations. The class-leading crash test performance is enabled by incorporating high-strengt

ford offers stealthier appearance for the police interceptor utility vehicles

Ford is offering updates to its Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle, thus making it harder for the lawbreakers to recognizing the profile of the car in their rearview mirrors. The means by which this is done is the (already factory-installed) front interior visor light bar. This actually provides a stealth appearance for police patrol vehicles. There is another benefit of the interior visor light and it is the dark shade band at the top of the

good news for mustang lovers out there: 2017 shelby gt350 receives additional refinement

Ford Performance offers some additional goodies for the new Shelby GT350 Mustang. Available for order in June this year, the vehicle would offer extended list of standard features, as well as tons of optional techs. So, let's see what the additions are. The special Track Package becomes a standard feature and Shelby GT350 won't bother themselves by choosing the pack over the standard equipment or the standard features over the Track Pack. Swee

ford team will try to make you more relaxed in traffic congestion. here is how

Definitely there is still no automobile brand that can prevent traffic congestion, but luckily there is one that would make the traffic experience far less stressful. Yes, we are talking about Ford and its fresh new technology that would answer the needs of thousands of angry drivers. The brand proudly demonstrates a new stop-and-go technology that would be available for the 2017 Fusion model which piggubacks on the already available Adaptive

meet ford mustang geiger gt 820 with almost doubled horsepower

Ford Mustang was born more than 50 ears ago, in the distant 1964. The original American Pony Car soon became emblematic and now there is hardly anyone that doesn’t dream of at least taking a ride in it. The German specialists at GeigerCars.de have made a leap forward and given this amazing muscle vehicle a new performance and styling attitude. After the conversion, the car carries the label Geiger Mustang GT 820, and as you can tell the numb

the limited ford f-150 mvp edition comes to honor kansas city's world championship!

Ford, America's leader in truck vehicles, announced the production of limited run of 300 Ford F-150 MVP edition vehicles in order to salute Kansas City's world championship. These machines will be exclusively built at Kansas City Assembly Plant. All of the 300 machines are based on the F-150 XLT with chrome package and will be available with Oxford White or Blue Flame finish with additional F-150 MVP edition badges and exclusive graphics. Of cour

what happens when ford shelby mustang gt becomes a “rent-a-car”? the result: magnificent!

Shelby GT350-H was introduced for the first time fifty years ago. It was a product of the collaboration between Ford and Hertz. To celebrate the half century of its introduction, Shelby and Hertz are unveiling a special run of performance-modified 2016 Ford Mustang GTs, which carry the name Shelby GT-H. Note that they won’t be available for buying, but will be only accessible through renting. The start is the Memorial Day weekend. SEE ALSO: 20