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Lotus News

lotus showcases new emira at the monterey car week

The new Lotus Emira, the latest petrol-powered vehicle from the premium brand, makes its US debut at the Monterey Car Week. The flagship machine will also make a debut at the legendary Laguna Seca Raceway. Also, the audience at the show will see the Evija, the brand’s pure-electric hypercar that takes the central

low-mileage vehicles are confirmed for cca’s auction at the london classic car show

The lot list for the Classic Car Auctions sale at the London Classic Car Show is increasing by the day with new fabulous and low-mileage entries. 1977 Lotus Esprit Series 1 The first new vehicle in the list is a special 1977 Lotus Esprit Series 1 with 27,000 miles on the clock. The engine, gearbox and chassis all have matching numbers, and the interior has been retrimmed by SJ Sportscars in Tartan and Green fabric, with Orange carpets – w

lotus is this year's central feature at the goodwood festival of speed

Goodwood announced that the Central Feature at the 2021 Festival of Speed will be Lotus. The iconic brand, best known for its advanced road and race cars will be the main focus at this year’s event and will showcase some neat features included in the vehicle lineup. Since its foundation back in 1997 to this present day, GoodWood Festival of Speed has showcased the most interesting and greatest achievements in the world of motorsport. As i

lotus partners with the uk’s most creative photographers to celebrate muse global design award for evija

Lotus is celebrating the all-electric Evija hypercar’s latest award win with a gallery of new images taken during a unique and inspiring collaboration with some of the UK’s most creative photographic talent. The celebrations mark the results of the prestigious 2020 MUSE Global Design Awards, where the Lotus Evija took overall victory in the Automotive Transportation category. The eight exclusive photoshoots took place in and around

lotus stuns goodwood speedweek with evija dynamic public debut

The all-electric Lotus Evija hypercar makes its dynamic public debut at Goodwood SpeedWeek this weekend.  The Evija will be in action on the historic race track and will be taking part in a variety of high-octane activities, including the Supercar Run. Three pre-production examples of the Evija are supporting SpeedWeek, one complete in a vibrant Lotus ‘Solaris Yellow’ finish and two prototypes wrapped in stunning black and gold, recal

jms meets jm cardesign: lotus esprit sports car as a joint project

A true mid-engine classic from Great Britain, which has been manufactured over a truly long period of 28 years and continuously developed during this time, is the Lotus Esprit with up to 354 hp. The team from JM Car design from Bergheim near Cologne, in cooperation with JMS Fahrzeugteile, has given a copy of this unforgettable sports car a refinement in the form of a new wheelset. This presents itself absolutely stylish and contemporary: I

lotus evija: stunning new film reveals driving characteristics of the world’s first british electric hypercar

Lotus today reveals further details on the Evija all-electric hypercar in a stunning new film featuring an engineering development vehicle testing on the 2.2-mile track at Hethel. At the wheel is Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes for Lotus, who provides extensive new commentary on key elements of the Evija project. At almost five minutes long and using on-board cameras to reveal new views of the car, it’s the most detailed in

lotus and centrica will reshape the automobile world. here's how!

Centrica plc, the parent company of British Gas, and the Lotus team are working together to develop a new model of electric vehicle ownership which will fully integrate the future mobility capabilities and the green energy benefits. The teams will try to make the vehicle an extension to the home – the car will be capable of storing electricity, minimizing emissions, and generating new income by providing services to the energy market. Furthe