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maserati mc20 wins “product design of the year” at this year's european product design award

Maserati MC20 wins “Product Design of the Year” at this year's European Product Design Award

The MC20 has received the award for “Product Design of the Year” 2021 from the European Product Design Award. The vehicle has also been recognized as the “Top Design Winner” in the Transportation/Auto/Truck/Mobile Home and “Winner” in Transportation/Other Transportation Design categories. The European Product Design Award is an event that honors the efforts and talents of designers and engineers in the automotive industry. There ar

1965 maserati mistral wins

1965 Maserati Mistral wins "Best in Show" at the Concorso Italiano 2021

Maserati took participation in the 36th edition of the international event for enthusiasts held at the Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course at Seaside, California. At the event, the beautiful vintage 1965 Mistral Spider won the “Best in Show” award – the neat convertible vehicle managed to turn thousands of eyes at the event and attracted numerous enthusiasts. The event also celebrated the 50th anniversary of another famous Maserati mo

maserati reveals the new and exlusive mc20 car at pebble beach

Maserati reveals the new and exlusive MC20 car at Pebble Beach

Maserati’s MC20 made its North California debut this weekend during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event, where the vehicle was unveiled before thousands of enthusiasts on the Concept Lawn. The vehicle itself, the MC20, marks a new era for Maserati and was greeted with applauses by all spectators. The Concept Lawn is considered one of the highlights at the Monterey Car Week in California – it is the place where the forward-thinking

maserati takes the new mc20 for a ride at the goodwood festival of speed

Maserati takes the new MC20 for a ride at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Maserati’s MC20 super sports car made its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and took off to a ride at the famous hill climb in the Supercar Run. The vehicle is the brand’s first mid-engine two-seater super sports car that boasts a top speed of 202mph and is also the first Maserati to include a carbon-fiber monocoque, meaning the whole vehicle weights only 1500kgs. Also, the vehicle is paired to a powerful F1-derived power unit, wh

maserati introduces three new trims for ghibli, quattroporte and levante

Maserati introduces three new trims for Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante

Maserati introduces exclusive new trims for Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante as part of the models’ renewal program for the new 2022 model year. The three trim levels are GT, Modena, and Trofeo and all three have been developed to please even the most demanding customers and also to fully express Maserati’s dedication to innovation, performance and elegance. GT Trim This upgrade pack highlights Maserati’s charm and elegance and embodi

maserati announces first details for the new f-tributo lineup

Maserati announces first details for the new F-Tributo lineup

Maserati’s racing debut was exactly 95 years ago – on the 25th of April the Tipo26 won the 1,500cc class at the Targa Florio with Alfieri Maserati at the wheel. Brand’s history in the competition and its connection with the racing world inspired the unveiling of the new F Tributo Special Edition, which made its world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021. F stands for Fangio, the driver who made his mark on an entire era. Tributo, on t

the iconic maserati bora turns 50. here's a quick overview

The iconic Maserati Bora turns 50. Here's a quick overview

Maserati commemorates the Bora, the brand’s first mid-mounted rear engine road vehicle. The story of the model spans through 50 years and marks a new dawn for the automobile manufacturer: Bora features a unique engine position that later becomes a standard for other manufacturers. The first model made its world de

maserati mc20: the brand’s new super sports car

Maserati MC20: the brand’s new super sports car

Maserati enters the new Era with MC20, the new super sports car that combines performance, sportiness, and luxury in the unique Maserati style. MC20 was presented to the world in Modena on 9 September during the “MMXX: Time to be audacious” event. The new MC20 (MC for Maserati Corse and 20 for 2020, the year of its world première and the start of the Brand’s new Era) is the Maserati everyone was waiting for. It is a car with incredible aerodynamic efficiency, which conceals a sporty soul, with the new