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more powerful morgan plus 4 at the 2014 geneva motor show

More Powerful Morgan Plus 4 at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Morgan is going to exhibit a more powerful Plus 4 model as the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, next week. The car will have an updated variant of the current four-cylinder engine, but the manufacturer didn’t release any further information. The current Plus 4 is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 liter Ford Duratec engine

2014 morgan 3 wheeler officially revealed

2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler Officially Revealed

An updated version for the MY 2014 of Morgan 3 Wheeler has just debuted at Motorcycle Live on 23d November. The outstanding British manufacturer has introduced the 3 Wheeler for the first time in 2011 and since then more than a thousand vehicles have been delivered to their proud customers. The iconic status of the vehicle is now further strengthened via the enhancements made for 2014. In fact, Morgan is of those brands that have the policy to continuously improve its vehicles. This in turn has resulted into a c

morgan roadster brooklands edition

Morgan Roadster Brooklands Edition

Morgan has announced Brooklands Editions of the Roadster and 3-Wheeler models. Both are design to "celebrate the ancestry of British racing cars". The limited editions are named after the Brooklands circuit and feature a Jaguar ‘Brooklands’ green exterior with some nice black accents and special badges.  Both models are equipped with black leather upholstery, a four-spoke steering wheel and rubber floor mats. Morgan Roadster comes with a body-color dashboard and a revised gear

morgan launches 3 wheeler gulf edition

Morgan launches 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition

Morgan 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition is the latest car made by the popular British brand. With its open-cockpit it is truly an extreme sports car. In fact the unique vehicle was specifically built in order to race in the World Endurance Championship for Sports Cars. The races in which the car will take place are at Le Mans for the 24 hours as well as Sebring, Silverstone, Spa. Furthermore, it is important to mention that many race-drivers prefer an open cockpit because it has some advantages over th

morgan plus 4 super sports baby doll vi comes back

Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports Baby Doll VI Comes Back

Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports Baby Doll VI comes to pay tribute to the Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports model, which was introduced for the first time in the distant 1961. Back then it was one of the few cars which offered the best price-for-performance value. Its lightweight aluminum body delivered crisp handling in a desi

petrolicious: man of morgan

Petrolicious: Man of Morgan

A new exciting project has just gone live and its name is Petrolicious. The web platform will focus on high quality content for vintage cars and the people working behind the project are promising some great stuff coming down the line. A new video will air once a week starting with the one below named “Man of Morgan”. The story it tells is about Derek Wilburn of Long Beach, California, who is a collector of many things and of Morgan’s history. In fact you will see in the footage that

morgan lineup at geneva 2012

Morgan Lineup at Geneva 2012

Morgan company is a frequent participant at the Geneva Motor Show. They see it as an important venue for debuts of production cars or flamboyant concepts. For this year, the 2012 Geneva Show is the company's first major event. They have a wide arrangement of classic looking, boldly designed modern machines on display. Some of the newcomers include the Aero Coupe, Plus 8, the new 3.7l Roadster and the fully electric Plus E. Two, well known, production Morgan 3 Wheelers and a 75th anniversary 4/4

morgan plus e concept to be revealed in geneva

Morgan Plus E Concept to be revealed in Geneva

Morgan has designed an electric sports car with a five-speed manual gearbox. The company has worked in collaboration with technology specialists from Zytek and Radshape. The new roadster will be showcased as concept in Geneva and will test the market reaction. Morgan Plus E Concept combines Morgan’s traditional look with high-technology construction and a powertrain that offers substantial torque instantly at any speed. The manual gearbox, in addition, increases both touring range and driver involvement. The c

new morgan roadster 3.7

New Morgan Roadster 3.7

Morgans have always been about the nostalgic spirit of classical roadsters and coupes. That is why almost all of the current Morgan cars look like as if they have been stolen from a collector's garage. They are for people who would love to take a ride around the country side in a real time machine. No, really, they can go fast enough to throw you back to the past because underneath the hood one won't find a grandfather's clock but a masterful modern engine. The Morgan Roadster is no exception fr

2012 morgan aero coupe

2012 Morgan Aero Coupe

The new 2012 Morgan Aero Coupe is an advanced supercar, which has been especially designed for long distance driving. The inspiration for this strong and rigid vehicle came from the Morgan GT3 Aero which has already won number of racings. The cockpit of the new Coupe delivers high levels of comfort with a large and secure boot in the rear for luggage. The body of the vehicle has been constructed entirely from aluminium which makes it really light weight. Hence the new Morgan Aero Coupe is constr

morgan plus 8 4.8 litre

Morgan Plus 8 4.8 litre

The new Morgan Plus 8 4.8 litre is all about class, style and uniqueness. It makes use of technology from the aircraft industry in order to achieve weight of only 1100kgs. If this doesn’t speak to you anything, well it means that the Plus 8 model is the lightest V8 passenger car in the world, which is approved to European safety standards. In addition, the car also has one of the stiffest chassis of all the convertible roadsters available today. To go further, there are also added wheel speed

Morgan 3 Wheeler

A very interesting type of car was introduced by Morgan. It will be officially exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. 3 Wheeler is absolutely road-legal in Europe and the US. The vehicle is a modern reinterpretation of the classic model that was built between 1909 and 1953. It is built on a tubular chassis and features an aluminum body, gloss black wheels, and a matte black dual exhaust system. Among the options, there are a polished engine, stainless steel tailpipes, and additional brightwor