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nice mycar is electric vehicle of the year

NICE MyCar is electric vehicle of the year

NICE Car Company (No Internal Combustion Engine) has won electric vehicle of the year at the 2008 GreenFleet Awards. It picked up the accolade for MyCar, an Italian-designed two-seater which was launched at the London Motor Show in July. “We are obviously delighted to have won the award,” said NICE co-founder Julian Wilford. “Since launching NICE in 2006, our aim has been to bring clean, affordable and convenient transport to private and corporate customers alike. MyCar is the latest in a growing portfolio

Here’s the Ze-O from NICE

Affordable, practical, with low running costs and zero emissions; NICE Car Company today presents the first image of the all-new Ze-O. Making its global debut at the British Motor Show next week, this MPV is the first all-electric car available within a family budget. “All-electric sports car prototypes are eye-catching and interesting,” said Julian Wilford, co-founder NICE Car Company. “However, we all know customers want practical electric cars and they want them sooner rather than la

The NICE decade is far from behind us

Commenting on the economy last week, Bank of England governor Mervyn King said the nice decade is behind us. But in terms of low-cost, sustainable motoring, NICE is very much the way forward. Industry heavyweight Carlos Ghosn recently joined government adviser Julia King in pointing to electric cars as the route to sustainable motoring. London’s NICE car company, launched at the 2006 British Motor Show, agrees. And it has all-electric cars on sale today. “The NICE decade is just beginn